Top 4 Wildcard SSL Facts that Can Save Your Money

wildcard ssl certificate

Know interesting information about the Wildcard SSL certificate and Dedicated IP that was asked by one of our blog readers. This question encouraged me to write an article on important facts related to wildcard SSL and tips to save your money by avoiding unnecessary investment.

No Sub-domains No Wildcard SSL

Yes, this is a very important fact about the wildcard SSL certificate. If you want to secure only the root domain, you don’t need to buy a wildcard SSL. A single-domain SSL certificate like RapidSSL, Thawte SSL123, GeoTrust QuickSSL premium, etc…will do this job at a much lower cost.

No Dedicated IP is Require for Sub-domains

Some hosting provider companies misguide their customers by recommending dedicated IP per sub-domains to install wildcard SSL. You need to know this fact that you don’t need dedicated IP for each sub-domain to install a wildcard SSL certificate. You only need one dedicated IP to install your wildcard SSL for all subdomains and root domains.

We have already published detailed information on this topic in our last article on Wildcard SSL and Dedicated IPs

Not all Wildcard SSL are expensive

If you have the impression that all wildcard SSL certificates are expensive, you are wrong! We at CheapSSLShop offers wildcard SSL certificate price starts from $45/yr. on 5 years validity purchase. First, you need to understand your requirements as all wildcard SSL are designed to secure multiple sub-domains and root domains.

An expensive wildcard certificate will give you an additional warranty, site seal and their validation process may be different.

To learn more, I recommend consulting your system administrator or consult customer support from your SSL certificate providers.

Same Wildcard SSL can be purchase at a cheaper price

Yes, this is 100% true! If you are not aware of SSL certificate authorized resellers, please check out our official website first. There is a number of authorized SSL certificate resellers who buy different types of SSL certificates in bulk quantity from CAs (certificate authorities).

As a result, we get a huge discount on this purchase. We only keep a small portion of profit and pass them to our customers to avail of this product at a highly discounted price.

Compare Wildcard SSL Certificate Prices on CheapSSLShop

Brand Product Name Type Sale Price Retail Price Details
Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard DV $40.00/yr. $199.00/yr. Read More
Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard DV $28.00/yr. $249.00/yr. Read More
RapidSSL Wildcard SSL DV $65.00/yr. $199.20/yr. Read more
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard OV $250.00/yr. $550.40/yr. Read more
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard OV $290.00/yr. $479.20/yr. Read more
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard DV $350.00/yr. $687.60/yr. Read more

Next time whenever you plan to buy a wildcard SSL, just keep these 4 simple facts in mind. I am sure it will save your money and will help you to get the best product to fulfill your requirements.

We are eager to hear about your experience!

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