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5 Things to Know Before you Buy an SSL Certificate

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We write a lot about what are SSL certificates and their application on our online properties. Today, I would like to share 5 important points you should know before you buy an SSL certificate online.

All websites does not require an SSL certificate

Yes, that is very true! You don’t need to buy an SSL certificate because you own a website. There are different criteria that define the necessity of an SSL certificate. You can read the detailed article we recently published on our blog answering your question “Do I really need an SSL certificate“.

Not all SSL Certificates are equal

We at Cheap SSL Shop offer SSL certificates from Comodo Positive SSL at $5.00/year to Digicert secure site pro with EV SSL starts from $927.20/year! Before you buy an SSL, you must understand the fact that all SSL is different and has its own application. If you are not familiar with its application, we recommend consulting your provider. That will save you money and time.

Not all SSL will work for WWW and Non-WWW domain

We found that most of the customer who buys an SSL is not familiar with this fact. Some certificate providers are not offering this feature and you need to define a URL while generating CSR. It is better you check features provided by CAs before you generate CSR for your domain.

SSL is not an Anti-virus

To learn more about SSL security, we recommend reading this article on “What is SSL & TLS“. SSL only protects your information that travels between the local computer to your website server and vice-a-versa by their strong encryption algorithm. It will not protect your website from attacks on loopholes due to technical errors in your programming.

You can buy the same SSL certificate at a very cheaper price

We recommend reviewing the price of the same SSL certificate on different authorized reseller’s websites. They are not only offering the lowest price SSL certificate but also provides coupon codes to avail of additional discounts on your purchase. Authorized SSL resellers like us, buy wholesale price certificates from CAs. As we pass the big amount of our profit to the customer, we can offer the cheapest price ever. Customers will have the same SSL certificate at more than 70% discounted price.

There is no harm in purchasing an SSL certificate from an authorized reseller as they will not only offer the best price but also offer personal support in the installation process.

If you want to add your valuable input to this article, please do share with us by comments. This will help other readers to understand an SSL in more detail.

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