Be aware of Online Security while Shopping on Christmas


Christmas shopping is an enticement for online shoppers as well as cyber culprits. People put blindly trust in E-commerce stores during this season and ignore important web security precautions while making online transactions. When customers deal with these types of stores, there emerges a bulk of data and information on the online store’s server that pose a data security risk. However, many companies are still ignoring online security while offering products to their worthy customers. As a result, when any unwanted data breach or cyber attack happens, they completely lost customer’s trust and company’s credibility.

If you are one of the online stores that are not yet upgraded or taken web security precautions tips, then this article will help you a lot.

Now, look at what security checklists that a website owner has to keep in mind before dealing with online shoppers:

1. Is online shoppers’ information is safe on your website?

To keep users’ online information secure, always bind your site with an SSL Certificate. It will keep information encrypted to avoid outsiders’ interruption.

2. Is your website is legitimate?

Thawte Trusted Site Seal helps website owners to provide assurance to customers that they are on a legitimate website. A dynamic site seal can be installed on any page of an already secured domain. It ensures your customers that the website has an SSL Certificate and displays validation information.

3. Is your website fully encrypted?

Many websites have an SSL certificate only enabled on the checkout page or login page. Always on SSL, on every single page of your website won’t have any loss, but it will increase user trust if they find SSL enabled on every page.

4. How much do you care about social media security?

A social media account plays a vital role in a company’s progress. Potential customers interact with a company through social media platforms that help to boost the company’s sales and creditability in the market.

Therefore, social media accounts should have security with robust password and limited access.

5. Do you make aware of your customers for website’s real contacts?

Tell your customers that they should not reply to an email with personal details. Always insist to visit your website directly by typing a website URL. Tell your customers to beware of fraud emails that ask their personal details.

6. Is your website vulnerable?

Keep your website safe with regular vulnerability scans and ensure your customers/visitors that your website is safe from virus and malware.

Now, let’s look at the point below regarding the importance of web security in E-commerce :

Why Web Security is Vital for E-commerce?

Since the last few years, online shopping has been increasing rapidly and more people try to connect this hassle-free shopping experience. Customers provide confidential information over online websites so; if the website is lacking in web security then your client has to face cybercriminals.

Below findings will help to understand the importance of web security in E-commerce in a better way.

  • There are 2/3 websites used to circulate malware.
  • 91% of customers neglect website that has phishing or malware warning.
  • In 2013, Christmas sales figure rose by 31.6% compared to the previous year.
  • In December 2013, a new high showed in mobile online sales by 37.2% in the UK.

The Symantec 2014 Threat report also focuses on some interesting findings:

  • There is 1 out of 8 websites have a critical vulnerability.
  • 23% of total attacks are related to web based attacks.
  • One in 392 emails contains a fake or phishing email.
  • In 2013, more than 552 million identities were exposed via breaches.

The above figures and facts shows how much web security plays a fundamental role in online store especially in festival seasons. Without proper online security, your website can lose the trust of customers in minutes.

The Moral of the Story:

From the above discussion, we can conclude that robust security and customer-oriented service makes your online store stands apart from others. SSL proves to be an inevitable security parameter that provides a dual benefit to the website owner and the customer. Do not let criminals wreck your festive season this year. Enjoy your holiday with sufficient security measures for total peace of mind. Hence, the given tips could make your online store authentic and safe. As a result, the ROI of your business will grow in a profitable way.

To make your online store safe, is one of the finest platforms where any size of the organization, individuals can find SSL certificates at the cheapest price. So do not let your customers go away from your store and bind their confidence with robust SSL security.

Below Info-graphic, is focusing on robust security measures, which should be taken by every online store not only in festival seasons but also on regular days.

thawte infographic

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