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Benefits of SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates are necessary if you have run an online business. It provides an excellent security for both you and your customer. However, what is SSL?

Security Sockets Layer or SSL, in short, is used in most sites that carry out online payments. It helps to protect personal information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, customer names, passwords, and addresses. SSL is very helpful for those who do business online, but there is more to come for them. Here are some benefits of using SSL:

1. Encryption of Sensitive Information:

encrypt sensitive informationSSL Certificates is used to encrypt your sensitive information. Most sites require users to input their names and locations. Data that we enter on the website often remains unencrypted before it reaches its destination site. During that travel time, hackers can read your sensitive information. That is very dangerous, especially when buying online. Hackers may take your credit card information and use it in wrong way. Others, like identity thieves will steal your identity to use it for fraud activity. With Cheap SSL Certificates, you can prevent that nightmare from happening. SSL Certificate encodes your information, making it impossible to decipher without the correct encryption key. The SSL Certificate will prevent the hackers from reading and using your information. Only the server that you are contacting can read your information.

2. Authentication:

authenticationUsing the SSL certificate will help you send data confidentially to the correct server. You can also use the Public Key Infrastructure to protect your account from malicious users. SSL providers (The Certificate Authority) check a user’s identity before issuing an SSL Certificate.

To be able to check a SSL Certificate’s authenticity, you must use a SSL checker. You can find a green padlock in the browser, which shows that the site is authenticated by third party certificate authority. SSL checker assures that certificate providers are only issuing certificates to qualified users as per their prescribed guideline in CAB Forum. The highest authenticate SSL certificate is EV SSL certificate.

EV SSL Certificates follows a strict validation process. Extended Validation SSL Certificate offers both the green address bar and the padlock icon, guaranteeing that the website is safe and secure. Visitors will feel safe once they see these signs, assuring that no one can steal their information. In addition, a trust seal is provided to make customers trust you.

3. Ensures Financial Security:

financial securityBefore purchasing online, a user must look that if a site has SSL or not. The Payment Card Industry Compliance or PCI advised for SSL Certificate on website before allowing card transactions. Without it, the site should not take information of your credit card. PCI will also ensure that the SSL Certificate is original, has a strong encryption and only third party SSL will be accepted. A website that does not have a valid SSL Certificate will not be able to secure payments of your credit card.

4. Protection from Phishing:

protection from phishingPhishing is one of the most widespread online crimes. If someone gets your information and steals your money, that would be a catastrophe. Criminals with phishing email lure users and draw them to fake websites.

They will send you emails that pretend to be from a legal website. They may even use advertisements to convince you that their website is legitimate, but their intention is to get your login information, debit, or credit card and use it for their own benefits. These e-mails contain links to their phony websites, only to trick you into accessing their site so they can acquire your information. They may even use your own domain name to steal information from you.

Some E-mails may even pretend as deliveries, so be careful. If the website has no sign of security then you should not provide your personal data like credit card or login information.

SSL Certificates show a padlock in the website address bar to prove that it has a strong encryption. Fake websites find it hard to obtain an SSL Certificate and they cannot completely imitate a website. These fake websites cannot even make a green access bar. Customers will trust the website after seeing a green padlock and address bar starts with HTTPS instead HTTP. It assures them that the site is genuine and that it does not intend to steal anything from you.

5. Gain Customers’ Trust:

gain customers trustIt is hard to trust sites nowadays because Phishers and attackers always try to use sophisticated techniques to lure users to click on unknown links. These websites are bogus and only wants to make harm users by stealing their sensitive information. Some users might hesitate to purchase online, as they know that a hacker might access their account. It means the sale percentage of sites will decrease. The solution to the problem is SSL. SSL not only secures the website but also provides assurance to users and thereby win their trust. As we discussed, there are three pioneer of SSL: Authentication, Trust, and Encryption. SSL also provides a trust seal that a website owner can put on any page of a website where he/she fits suitable.

6. Ranking Benefits:

google sslThis is one of the most important advantages for the webmasters. With the aim to make internet safer place, now Google has indicated to boost ranking slightly for HTTPS secured websites. As per Google, this change will influence less than 1% of global search queries. To encourage website owners to move from HTTP to HTTPS is the main intention behind this algorithm change. Google wish to make web environment secure against evolving cyber attacks. Even Mozilla also announced to deprecate non secure websites in near future.


The above-discussed features provide security to the customer; customers will trust your site. SSL provides phishing protection and offers a higher trust to customers. Boost customer confidence level by implementing SSL on your website.