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7 Best SSL Certificate Provider 2021 [New List]

best ssl certificate provider

Looking for a best SSL certificate for your website in cheapest price? We have listed a Top SSL certificate providers list for you. Compare SSL costs and features.

In this digital era, cybersecurity is of utmost importance. You need to secure everything that is online, be it your business, customer information or your website. Cyber-crime is increasing tremendously, and intelligent hackers are finding all possible ways to attack your computer; grab your information and misuse it. To prevent them from causing damage to your business, you need to get best SSL certificate for the protection of your business and websites.

Your business will succeed only if customers feel that your site is safe and secure for transactions. Websites with trusted HTTPS certificates give this feeling of safety and creates trust in the customer’s minds.

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Best SSL Certificate Providers to Buy HTTPS Certificates

  1. Comodo
  2. RapidSSL
  3. GeoTrust
  4. Thawte
  5. GlobalSign
  6. Symantec
  7. DigiCert

Comodo – Cheapest SSL Certificate Provider

Comodo SSL is one of the best SSL certificate providers in the SSL market. This SSL authority provides all the types of Comodo SSL certificates as per business requirements.

Comodo has a wide range of SSL products as per validation types. Offering 256-bit SSL encryption and 2048-bit key encryption, it is the best for all small and medium businesses. Comodo SSL certificates come with warranties, trusted site seal, unlimited server licenses and renewals.

Apart from Positive SSL and Multi-Domain SSL, they also provide Wildcard SSL, Organization Validation SSL, Extended Validation SSL, and UCC SSL.

As compared to other providers, you can consider COMODO as the Biggest SSL certificate provider.

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RapidSSL – Trusted SSL Certificate Provider

RapidSSL though has limited products, but as the name states, purchase and installation of SSL certificate is very fast. Mostly preferred by entry-level and small businesses, this certificate quickly secures your website because of its lightning-fast issuance process. RapidSSL has a single domain SSL and wildcard SSL certificate. A wildcard certificate is capable to secure unlimited subdomains with 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit CSR encryption. While a single-domain SSL is ideal for small and medium business size.

Product Name Best Price Buy/Renew
RapidSSL Standard SSL Certificate $6.80/yr. Purchase
RapidSSL Wildcard SSL $68.00/yr. Purchase

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GeoTrust – Inexpensive SSL Certificate Provider

A trusted brand in SSL certificates, GeoTrust has now become the 2nd largest certificate provider. It rules over 150 countries and offers a whole range of SSL certificates for all businesses.

Product Name Best Price Buy/Renew
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $32.00/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate $63.20/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust True BusinessID EV $127.20/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL $127.20/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust Multi Domain EV $279.20/yr. Purchase
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard $303.20/yr. Purchase

If we talk about GeoTrust products then, QuickSSL Premium of GeoTrust, secures multiple domains and is compatible with most of the browsers. True BusinessID SSL comes with a warranty of $12,50,000 and a dynamic site seal which is worth the investment. True BusinessID EV SSL is perfect for large corporates and your brand name is visible on the address bar on the installation of this certificate.

Thawte – Top SSL Certificate Provider

Thawte is another SSL certificate provider who is into business since 1995. It secures almost 40% of the market of SSL certificates globally. Thawte Trusted Site Seal is multilingual (comes in 18 languages) and you can select your own language.

This service provider is an excellent combination of budget-friendly prices and customer satisfaction. It is compatible with all the browsers and mobiles hence a favorite amongst customers. 256-bit robust encryption and excellent customer support are some more positives.

Product Name Best Price Buy/Renew
Thawte SSL123 $25.60/yr. Purchase
Thawte SSL Web Server $60.00/yr. Purchase
Thawte SSL Web Server EV $119.20/yr. Purchase
Thawte SSL Web Server Wildcard $239.20/yr. Purchase

Thawte SSL Web Server comes with Organization Validation SSL and a warranty of 1.25M USD, whereas SSL Web Server EV gives your site a uniqueness due to your brand name being showcased in the address bar.

GlobalSign – Exclusive SSL Certificate Provider

GlobalSign has a diversified range of SSL certificates including all types of validations like domain validation, organization validation, and extended validation.

Strong 2048-bit CSR encryption, quick protection, cheap costs, universal browser compatibility, and a secured site seal is all what GlobalSign is about. Best for enterprises and expert solutions, GlobalSign is gaining popularity every year.

Product Name Best Price Buy / Renew
GlobalSign DomainSSL $159.20/yr. Purchase
GlobalSign OrganizationSSL $199.20/yr. Purchase
GlobalSign Domain SSL Wildcard $519.20/yr. Purchase
GlobalSign ExtendedSSL $519.20/yr. Purchase

Looking at GlobalSign’s products, GlobalSign EV SSL is the best for protection against phishing attacks and the OV SSL Wildcard certificate is the best blend of Organisation Validation and securing multiple sub-domains.

Symantec – Reliable SSL Certificate Provider

Symantec is a Fortune 500 company that offers multiple security options like end-point protections and anti-virus apart from SSL certificates.

Product Name Best Price Buy / Renew
Symantec Secure Site $239.20/yr. Purchase
Symantec Secure Site EV $623.20/yr. Purchase
Symantec Secure Site Pro $687.20/yr. Purchase
Symantec Secure Site Pro EV $927.20/yr. Purchase

Coming to one of its products, Symantec Secure Site SSL is an OV SSL which establishes the owner’s identity and secure online transactions. Secure Site Pro SSL comes with one of the strongest encryptions and constant malware scanning features. This helps prevent further damage since malicious activities are detected at a prior stage.

Symantec trust logo is secured by Norton and hence is called “Norton Secured Seal”. It carries the highest importance among other site seal offered from different SSL providers. A site seal assures customers that their website is enough to secure to handle sensitive information.

DigiCert: A Leader in SSL Industry

DigiCert- a global leader in the SSL industry brings an expanded portfolio of different SSL certificates available for small to large enterprises, individuals. Data integrity, Data authenticity, and Data security on that base, DigiCert has created a large customer base with the most authenticated digital SSL certificates.

A fast and reliable issuance process, Norton secure seal, Malware scanning are few excellent features that make DigiCert certificate worthy among enterprises. The authority removes the painful and time-consuming process involved in SSL certificates and offers simplified certificate management with an easy process of SSL certificates.

Product Name Best Price Buy/Renew
DigiCert Secure Site $239.20/yr. Purchase
DigiCert Secure Site Pro $687.20/yr. Purchase
DigiCert Secure Site EV $623.20/yr. Purchase
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV $927.20/yr. Purchase
DigiCert Code Signing $406.00/yr. Purchase

DigiCert has developed a strong trust among its valuable customers by providing modern algorithm standard security to secure digital footprint.

What is SSL & Why It’s Important to Business

SSL (Secured Socket Layers) is a certificate which creates an encrypted communication between web servers and web browsers. Encryption of data works like a strong security measure because hackers find it difficult to decrypt it and hence, they usually target sites that are unsecured and have no SSL.

In short, they attack sites starting with “HTTP” in URL (No SSL) instead of “HTTPS” (With SSL).

Benefits of HTTPS Certificate:

Let’s have a slight insight into some benefits of HTTPS certificates.

  • Protects information by encrypting data
  • Creates trust in customers
  • Increases SEO Rankings
  • Protects your website against malicious activities
  • Fulfills PCI/DSS requirements
  • Economical rates

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing SSL Certificates

There are many factors you need to consider before purchasing an SSL certificate for your website. A few of them include costing, level of security, validation type, time of issuance, browser and multiple-browser compatibility, site seal, warranties, refunds, renewals, customer service, etc.

Make a list of factors that are required for your website for the proper selection of best SSL certificate.

Where to Buy HTTPS Certificate?

There are many HTTPS certificate providers in the market. But it is essential to know which are the best ones. In this guide, you will find the best place to buy SSL Certificate in lowest prices.

Purchasing SSL certificate from trusted providers is important because they offer different SSL products with 24/7 customer service via different sources including Live Chat, email, forms, etc. In this article, we will have listed best SSL certificate providers to buy SSL certificate.

Summing Up:

It is difficult to select which SSL certificate is the best for your business. To make your selection easier, we have summarized some of the Popular HTTPS certificate providers in the market. You can get SSL certificates from any of these providers and secure your business website from cyber-criminals.

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