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Top 7 Cheapest EV SSL Certificate Providers

top 7 cheapest ev ssl certificate providers

Prove website authentication to customers with EV SSL certificate purchased from Cheapest EV SSL Certificate Providers. Let your customers have a secure and happy shopping experience.

SSL certificate is now becoming a mandatory requirement for any website security. Google’s Transparency report says that there are receiving around 95% encrypted traffic across Google, which means these websites have enabled HTTPS or SSL certificate on their website. This short piece of information will discuss one of the best SSL certificates, named Extended Validation SSL certificate or EV SSL certificate

Why should you go with EV SSL? What is an EV SSL certificate, and how does it differ from other types of SSL certificates? You will find replies to all these questions in this article.

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What does the EV SSL Certificate mean? 

An Extended SSL certificate or EV SSL certificate is the highest form of validation. The certificate is in demand among online businesses, payment gateways, banking websites, government websites where confidential information is passing between the user and the server. 

The reason for EV’s popularity is higher validation level, dynamic site seal, displaying company name under padlock. However, any legitimate business can go with an EV SSL certificate to show their visitors about the website’s authenticity and strong security. 

A business can go with direct certificate authority or resellers to obtain cheap EV SSL with valuable features.

Why Choose an EV SSL Certificate? Phishing attacks, data theft, and identity theft are on the rise. So, as a business owner, how to tell visitors if a website is legitimate? To do this, Extended Validation is necessary for your website. 

EV SSL provides robust encryption and offers identity assurance, phishing awareness, and data security. A verified business name is also there that a user can check in the browser and ensure that they are dealing with a verified business identity. 

Why should you go with an EV SSL certificate? This question can be replied to from the below statistics. 

  • 22,500 websites have installed EV SSL certificates in the top 1 million websites.
  • Only in the USA, nearly 74 633 websites have enabled EV SSL on their websites.
  • Entrust SSL, GlobalSign EV, Symantec, Thawte are few EV SSL certificate providers in the top 10 in providing EV SSL cert.

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How to Find the Cheap EV SSL Certificate?

There are multiple EV SSL options available in the market, and you can choose the desired SSL certificate as per the website’s requirements. As per the above price data, we suggest that CheapSSLShop could be your destination for the purchase of your SSL certs.

You can find the cheapest EV SSL here compared to other SSL certificate providers. If you want high-level authentication along with strong data protection on your site then, get your cheap EV SSL today!!


List of Top 7 Cheap EV SSL Certificate Along with Its Providers

 Comodo EV SSL Certificate 

Comodo EV SSL secures your website with robust encryption and offers phishing protection that easily distinguishes fake and real websites. It shows the organization name (click on the padlock) to assure users of the website’s authenticity. The certificate secures www and non-www domains. Moreover, this EV SSL comes with $1.75M warranty protection. You can find cheap EV SSL prices below and compare yourself to which one would fit your budget.

  • Highest Authentication
  • 99.9% browser compatibility
  • 256-bit Encryption
  • 30 Days Refund Policy
Comodo EV SSL Providers Price/Yr.
Comodo Brand Price $199.00/yr.
CheapSSLShop Price $49.00/yr.

Thawte SSL Web Server EV 

Thawte SSL Web Server EV follows an in-depth validation process to establish the credibility of a business. The certificate offers a higher warranty in case of the mis-issuance of a certificate. The certificate is ideal for large businesses, banking, and financial institutions.

  • Identity Authentication
  • Browser Compatibility
  • $1,500,000 Warranty
  • Strong Encryption
Thawte EV SSL Providers Price/Yr.
Thawte Brand Price $275.20/yr.
CheapSSLShop Price $119.20/yr.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV offers the highest website authenticity and assures customers that they deal with the verified website. All transactions will remain secured on a site; they become confident while dealing with your website. The site will have HTTPS instead of HTTP against the domain name.

  • Extended Validation
  • Green Address Bar
  • Major Browser Compatibility
  • Phishing Protection
GeoTrust EV SSL Providers Price/Yr.
GeoTrust Brand Price $239.20/yr.
CheapSSLShop Price $127.20/yr.

GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV  

GeoTrust Multi Domain EV SSL Certificate allows the addition of different domains under a single certificate. The certificate carries the highest level of validation and saves cost and time along with multiple-year validity. 

  • Additional Domains
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Modern Encryption
  • Unlimited Server Licenses
GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV SSL Providers Price/Yr.
GeoTrust Brand Price $904.36/yr.
CheapSSLShop Price $390.00/yr.

GlobalSign ExtendedSSL 

GlobalSign ExtendedSSL verifies business identity by providing world-class security. When customers see a verified organization name, they feel secure on your site and easily share their valuable credentials on the site. 

  • Strong Encryption
  • Browser Ubiquity
  • Stringent & Rapid Process
  • Go with Green
GlobalSign Extended SSL Providers Price/Yr.
GlobalSign Brand Price $599.00/yr.
CheapSSLShop Price $519.20/yr.

DigiCert Secure Site EV 

DigiCert Secure Site EV certificate checks the authenticity of a business by checking registered business documents. The authority establishes a business’s credibility by checking legal, operation, and physical business documents. Strong encryption creates a secure environment on the website. 

  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Norton Secured Seal
  • NetSure Warranty
  • Browser Compatibility
DigiCert Secure Site EV SSL Providers Price/Yr.
DigiCert Brand Price $796.00/yr.
CheapSSLShop Price $623.20/yr.

DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV

DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV cert brings modern security to your website, and a 2048-bit CSR encryption makes data sniffing almost impossible. The certificate is ideal for large enterprises, eCommerce, and government sectors. You will have amazing features like a $2M warranty, Norton seal, higher browser compatibility. 

  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Extended Validation
  • $2 Million Warranty
  • Boost Google Ranking
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV SSL Providers Price/Yr.
DigiCert Brand Price $1199.20/yr.
CheapSSLShop Price $927.20/yr.


Why You Should Buy EV SSL certificate?

Higher Conversions: 

EV SSL establishes business identity and shows customers that they are on a safe website. It instills trust in customers’ minds; hence, more conversions are welcome on the website. More conversions lead to higher sales. Even secured websites win customers’ trust among insecure websites.

As per the CA security survey, a layman person does not know much about the security aspect but understands secured padlock when shopping online. 

Phishing Protection: 

EV SSL identifies the organization’s identity and assures customers and visitors to deal with authenticated business. The certificate authority verifies business identity with legal business documents, domain validation, and other third-party sources.

Phishers always try to mimic legitimate websites and fool people by entering their sensitive information on such fake sites. Before proceeding to any website, check security indicators like company name, secured padlock, HTTPS in a browser.

Strong Protection: 

EV SSL offers the latest encryption standard that is 256-bit encryption as well the private key contains 2048-bit of strength. Cyber thieves cannot intercept ongoing information, and if they take control of such information, it becomes void for them as it is in hard encoded form.

Due to the increase in computational power, the size of the key also increases to avert activities like data spying and data theft.

Highest Level of Trust: 

Customers easily understand the website’s authenticity when they see a verified company name. It assures the in-depth verification process that a certificate authority attempted to issue an EV SSL certificate. Moreover, the certificate comes with a dynamic site seal that can be put on a web page to win customers’ confidence. It shows a verified company name when a mouse hovers on it.

Identity Assurance: 

Visitors need identity assurance when they deal with the website. An Extended Validation certificate authenticates the business’s identity. Even a visitor can see verified company details directly in the certificate with a click on secured padlock >> Certificate (Valid) option (In chrome browser). EV SSL can be applied in applications for higher trust and identity assurance. 

Who Can Use EV SSL Certificate?

However, EV SSL certificates are mostly used by government agencies and high-profile websites including eCommerce websites, payment processors, banking, and financial services.

The reason to adopt EV SSL certificates for website security is the highest validation and website authentication. Customers and visitors would interact with such websites that have strong security and a reliable third party has verified their existence.

In the EV SSL scenario, it comes true as the authority verifies the legal, operational, and physical existence of a business along with domain rights.

The other thing is customers can click on a padlock to check verified company name and reveal about certificate issuers, start, and expiry date, domain name, etc. It creates transparency between the website and the customers.

Customers would like to deal with secured and verified websites as they know they are dealing with the real business identity.

EV SSL certificates should be installed on the server in order to get data privacy, proven business existence, and strong encryption. Extended Validation SSL Certificate encodes the information passing between the server and the browser, so the third person cannot intercept the information. Hence, customers’ login credentials and other financial information remain intact.

How Does the EV SSL Certificate Work? 

EV SSL authenticates business and offers credibility of a website that a user can see and trust. In addition to the HTTPS and a secured padlock, EV SSL also shows a company name.

Users can see that a website has met the industry’s authentication standard. Extended validation shows that the company behind the domain name is authentic and safe to deal with the website. Customers’ credentials will remain safe over the web. 

What are the Advantages of EV SSL Certificate?

High Assurance: Extended Validation (EV) certificate ensures visitors about high assurance of a website as the certificate authority checks legal, physical, and operation presence of a business. Visitors can click on a padlock to check the verified business name, and the authority also checks domain rights along with the business presence.

SEO Ranking: Google gives preference to secured websites that have HTTPS enabled. Extended Validation certificate follows high validation; hence, the certificate is favorable in increasing visibility in search engines. 

Boost Traffic: Customers feel safe on a secured site, and when a website carries an EV SSL certificate, they completely trust your website. As a result, there are chances of more visits and sales in the near future, and thus, it increases the trust level and revenue.

High Compatibility: The EV SSL certificate is highly compatible with browsers and operating systems, servers. You can install it on any server without any issue. Users will not face any SSL warning while browsing your website. 

Security Indicators: EV cert enables security indicators like HTTPS, secured padlock, verified company name, and dynamic site seal on website and browser. A user can click on a padlock and check certificate details also.

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