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Code Signing Certificate: A Must for Testing Software Reliability

code signing certificate -must for testing software reliability
The Code Signing certificate is a sole certificate that extends its boundaries by providing software reliability by verifying software author and ensuring that the code is unique and not compromised. Unidentified software faces many obstacles like illegal identity, spyware, malware, and harmful code.

Code Signing Certificate helps downloader in downloading the software. If any malicious download is found it simply, shows a message “unknown publisher.” For a digital signature, one should deliver a public and private key.

Private Key practiced signing up the data, and the Public key was enforced to confirm the signature of the data.

Here two identities should consider as publishers who create and sign software with code signing certificates, and the other distributes that publishes software to users. The code signing features enhance an extra level of reliance on the application installation process.

As a software publisher, there are two reasons to sign your code: the first is software integrity and the second is its status.

Software integrity boosts the confidence of the customer by confirming the software’s genuineness. People do not download software from unknown authorities due to malicious files, which can harm your computer.

Now software status (Smart Screen Application Reputation) is embedded with features like indications to assess the reputation of a given download, download history, popularity, anti-virus results, and more.

When a small publisher chooses such certificate, they will get all the benefits. As per the well-known survey, more than 30% of applications are malicious.

As we discussed above smart screen systems will ignore such applications, and they will suffer from dishonesty among users.

code signing certificate

The certificate authority verifies the identity of the certificate requester  It takes much time after issuance of a certificate. It draws a chain between the private key (which only you know) to a public key (which is contained in the certificate itself). When a publisher gets the certificate, he will have to follow instructions prescribed by a certificate authority, otherwise, there will emerge a mistake, and it is a very difficult process to recover from it.

After receiving the certificate you should protect the private key otherwise, it will be used by someone to ruin your reputation. When signing your code, you have the chance to timestamp your code. If you do not timestamp your code, the signature will be preserved as illegal upon the expiration of your digital certificate.

Many authorities deal with Code Signing Certificate. It is easily compatible with browsers. Users can well notice by pop up whether the software is from the valid publisher or not. Code signing certificate supports Microsoft VBA, Adobe AIR signing, Java signing, Windows vista X64 Kernel mode signing. The code signing certificate is costly compare to other security certificates.

When downloading installation packages from the Internet, Windows will only check the digital signature, therefore, it is advisable to sign also executable file. It is better to buy a certificate with the longest validity to lessen the problem of certificate rollover.

When a user clicks a link that appeared on the Authenticode dialog box, it will show publisher name, E-mail address, date, and time of codesign countersign, issuer, serial number, Public key information, key usage information.

Code Signing Certificates Comparison

Brand Comodo DigiCert Comodo
Product Name Comodo Code Signing Certificate DigiCert Code Signing Certificate Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate
Algorithm 256-Bit SHA-2 256-Bit SHA-2 256-Bit SHA-2
Validation Type Organization Validation Organization Validation Extended Validation
Issuance Time 1-3 Business Days 1-3 Business Days 1-5 Business Days
Instant MS SmartScreen Filter NO NO Yes
Two-factor Authentication NO NO Yes
Verified Publisher Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Office & Microsoft VBA Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Authenticode Signing Yes Yes Yes
Apple OS X Signing Yes Yes Yes
Java Signing Yes Yes Yes
Qualcomm Brew App Signing NO NO Yes
Windows Phone Apps Signing Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Air Signing Yes Yes Yes
Reissuance Yes Yes No
Warranty N/A N/A N/A
Refund Policy 30 Day 100% Money Back 30 Day 100% Money Back 30 Day 100% Money Back
Sale Price USD$69.00/yr. USD$406.00/yr. USD$249.00/yr.
Buy / Renew Buy / Renew Buy / Renew Buy / Renew


Although many organizations accepted the importance of a Code Signing certificate, still the rest does not have knowledge of it. A signed code is not essentially a safe code, but a digital signature does deliver liability. There should have a Software Restriction Policy to block the content based on its signature. This certificate helps the user against any download of malicious software. There is much free vicious software available on the internet and user easily gets to attract to download it. Code signing certificate saves the user from such a download.

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