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Combat CYBERCRIME with Cognizance

Users do not need to afraid of hacking if they take precautions while browsing on the web. In our trio series of The Cyber Crime Survival Guide, we will learn about the perils of attack, the cost of damage due to a cyber attack, and defensive steps against attacks. We will go through each part of the Symantec Survival Guide to know the best output an organization can put into practice as well reveal about responsibilities of users while dealing on the web world.

The Cyber Crime Survival Guide Part-1named “The Dangers of an Attack” covers facts about cyber attack that spread across the world. There are 61% legitimate websites have fallen to cyber attacks while attackers infiltrate websites with dodgy toolkit and botnet. Phishing and identity theft being harmful techniques of cyber crime. Get more information about this interesting Survival Guide.

The Cyber Crime Survival Guide Part-2 keyed out as “The True Cost of Infection” reveals about the impact on the organization, which already have been hacked. How organization loses its customer base? Also learn about the Google’ reaction to the malicious websites. Besides this information, readers will go through an overview of hacking process and knowledge on how hackers gain server control.

The Cyber Crime Survival Guide Part-3 referred as “How to Defend against Attacks“. Naturally, as the name suggests there are a few protections shown in the guide against rising cyber attack. The guide ultimately shows that how a layman can be safe over the web and what things he/she should remember while dealing online. Besides, Symantec has also highlighted few recommendations for E-commerce and other organizations regarding the best online security to the customers over their websites. With stated precautions in this guide, websites can give a secure browsing experience to visitors and customers.

Security Recommendations for Users:

Below given recommendations can save users from unknown threats and offers a safe web experience.

  • Keep changing your password every 15 days and do not share it with anyone.
  • Do not post personal details on social sites or share current location.
  • Double check emails that asking for your confidential information.
  • Stop clicking anywhere on the internet as it can put users at risk.
  • Update your PC and Smartphone with trusted antivirus protection to stop infecting your device.


After going through the above trio of survival guides, organizations and users should have an understanding about online behavior and obligations. We at cheapsslshop along with the support of the available Symantec Survival Guide would like to comprehend our readers about online safety and its importance in today’s world. So think before click anywhere because self-defense is not fury but it’s common sense.

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