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Comodo Positive SSL vs. Comodo Essential SSL

comodo positive ssl vs comodo essential ssl

The difference between two of Comodo’s most popular cheapest DV SSL Certificates.

You might have come across this difference while searching the best SSL certificate for your website. In this short piece of information, we bring these two SSL certificates to your attention.

What is the difference between Comodo positive SSL and Comodo EssentialSSL?

Site owners who have a tight budget for single domain security, Comodo Positive SSL, and Comodo Essential SSL certificate can be a great help for them. Let us discuss each one.

About Comodo Positive SSL:

Comodo Positive SSL Certificate is a standard single-domain SSL certificate and a cost-effective way to secure your website. A modern SHA-2 algorithm and fast issuance have made this SSL certificate popular among individuals, small and entry-level businesses.

This certificate is ideal when low data volume is taking place and companies are a budget constraint on their spending. Once the certificate is installed, the website will enjoy the SHA-2 algorithm along with 2048-bit CSR encryption to secure traveling information from the server to the user and vice versa.

Few features we can list below that make Comodo Positive SSL worthy for website security.

Comodo Positive SSL Features:

Free Site Seal: Comodo Positive SSL certificate comes with a free site seal that helps to bring more conversions on the website. It is a static site seal that shows that the website is secured. The seal further shows encryption strength, domain name for extra assurance.

30-day Refund Policy: CheapSSLShop offers a 30-day refund policy in case if a purchaser wishes to return the product after making a payment. In such a case, a purchaser should intimate us within 30 days of a purchased product. The customer will be entitled to claim the full amount of the refund.

Paperless Validation: No business registration document is required as Comodo Positive SSL can be issued by verifying only domain ownership. It takes hardly a few minutes for the issuance of a certificate. A site owner can instantly install an SSL certificate on the server and shows site visitors about the website’s legitimacy.

256-bit Encryption: Comodo Positive SSL certificate brings strong security to your website that keeps traveling data intact between the server and the browser. Each information is secured; hence, a hacker cannot intercept the information.

Low cost: Comodo has started to provide Comodo Positive SSL at the possible lowest price to secure entry-level businesses and individual bloggers, freelancers, startups. A customer will get modern encryption with this certificate at an affordable price and can show visitors instant security on their website.

Comodo Essential SSL:

Comodo Essential SSL is another single-domain SSL certificate that is an ideal choice for small and medium businesses that wants the latest encryption standard for their websites. The certificate follows the domain validation process in which verification of the WHOIS record and domain ownership is required. There is no need to submit any business registration paper for verification. All data will be encrypted with the NIST recommended 256-bit SHA-2 algorithm.

A user will enjoy a seamless and secured browsing experience on the website, which could lead to more sales in near future. Moreover, Comodo Essential SSL Certificate brings many useful features that make it valuable SSL security in the SSL industry.

Comodo Essential SSL Features:

Unlimited Server Licenses: Comodo EssentialSSL allows a customer to install the same SSL certificate on different servers without spending an extra penny. It means a customer needs to pay only one time and a certificate can be installed on hundreds of servers. This certificate is ideal to manage virtualized environment and large SSL certificate distribution.

2048-bit CSR Encryption: A root 2048-bit encryption makes the certificate stronger against data sniffing and tampering activities. A stronger key means enhanced protection that Comodo Essential SSL offers to its customers for a secure environment over the website.

Reputed Brand: Comodo being a trusted and reputed brand in the SSL industry has served thousands of enterprises and individuals with its robust SSL certificates. Almost all browsers on desktop and mobile as well as operating systems are compatible with the Comodo Essential SSL certificate.

These browsers have pre-installed root certificates of comodo for establishing compatibility to avoid unwanted SSL errors while visiting a website.

Unlimited Reissues: If you have misplaced a private key you can reissue a current certificate with a new CSR. In case if you wish to move the certificate to a new server then, a reissue is required. All reissues you make will be given at zero cost.

WWW & Non-www domain: If you want to run a website on both www and non-www domains then, Comodo EssentialSSL can be a great choice for you. Either you type www or without www domain, the SSL certificate will work on both versions as a result, your website will be accessible on both www and non-www versions. Even, you do not need a separate SSL certificate to secure the www and non-www domain versions.

Difference between Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate vs. Comodo EssentialSSL:

You can find comparison below between Comodo Positive SSL Certificate and Comodo EssentialSSL that can help you decide SSL certificate for your website.

SSL Certificates Comodo Positive SSL Comodo EssentialSSL
CSR Encryption 2048-Bit Standard SSL 2048-Bit Standard SSL
Encryption 256-Bit 256-Bit
Validation Type Domain Validation Domain Validation
SSL Type Single domain Single domain
Issuance Time Few minutes Few minutes
Display Indicator Secured padlock and HTTPS Secured padlock and HTTPS
Documents Required NIL NIL
Browser Compatibility 99.9% 99.9%
Mobile OS Support 99% 99%
Server license Unlimited Unlimited
SSL Reissuance Unlimited Unlimited
Site Seal Type Static Positive Site Seal Static Comodo Site Seal
Warranty $10,000 $10,000
Money Back Policy 30 Days 30 Days
Price $5.00/yr. $7.20/yr.



The above information will help you to select your desire SSL certificate for a single domain. Other features like site seal, browser compatibility, warranty, refund policy are few similar features that can be beneficial to customers.

Comodo Positive SSL is available at a low price compare to the Comodo Essential SSL certificate. It completely depends upon the customer and its budget.

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