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Cyber bullying Facts and Tips to Prevent It!

cyber bullying facts

Are your kids facing annoying messages, text, and images frequently? Beware!! Your kids could be the victim of Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a type of harassment that specially targets both adult and school-going kids.

In technical terms, we can define Cyber-bullying as an act of harassment or bullying someone through the internet and related technological sources like email, text message, game, following social sites. The intention behind Cyberbullying is to spread rumors by text or images that cause harm to someone or intimidate a person to do tasks in a hostile manner.

Effects of Cyberbullying: Being harassed Cyberbullying influences kids’ psychology in a drastic manner.

  • Kids often found taking drugs and alcohol
  • They skip schools
  • They experience in-person harassment
  • They carry lower self-esteem and suffer from health problems

Research on Cyberbullying:

As technology grows faster, smartphones, internet evolution is becoming part of our life and even kids are not detached from online games, social media, and smartphones in major world countries.

According to Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Survey held in 2011 found that 16% of high school students studying in grades 9 to 12 were electronically frightened in the past year. Researchers believe that due to rapid technology changes it is difficult to approach the current trends.

A survey in 24 countries carried by global research company Ipsos for Reuters News finds the following facts from parents shown below image.
Research on Cyberbullying
How to Prevent Cyberbullying:

  • Get facts about websites that your kids frequently visit and other online activities.
  • Install parental control filtering software to monitor your kid’s online behavior.
  • Tell your kid to inform you if they get any bullying via text, image, or any sources.
  • Tell them not to share anything or accept requests from unknown people on social sites.
  • Tell them to keep their password safe and sound.

How to react on find Cyberbullying:

  • If you find your kid Cyberbullied, Keep your head cool and take the following steps
  • Keep evidence of Cyberbullying with date and time
  • Block the person responsible for Cyberbullying
  • Report it to the website with evidence.
  • If it happens in school then inform the school authority of further appropriate steps.

To conclude, Cyberbullying being an offensive crime takes disadvantage of innocent kids and adults hence, it is up to parents how they handle their kids and must provide knowledge about such online harassment.

Facts and figures are referred from

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