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Enable Web Security with Trusted SSL Certificates

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This protocol is a standardized method (i.e., scramble), the transmission line to quantify. A secure site uses an SSL certificate to encrypt and decrypt data. SSL is composed of two individual keys, which are called the private key and the public key. Usually, the public key is just that – open to all – while the private key is known only to the owner of the site.

Sites with SSL encryption begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. In other words, is so common that SSL is built into the infrastructure of the Web browser functionality. Https sites require an SSL connection and site-specific data transfer, if the SSL has expired, for another site, or installed incorrectly, errors result. Usually, the websites used for online payment or digital transactions are protected by encryption/decryption protocol, as are some email sites.

Top SSL Certificate Providers

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How HTTPS works?

Let’s see how HTTPS works: a secure channel to be made on an unsecured network. Cipher suites are used for this purpose, and SSL certificates are verified and economical solutions. Typically, web browsers have a list of permitted pre-installed certificate authorities (CA). An SSL certificate indicates whether an online purchase or online transaction is desirable. Some Web browsers can provide a plug-in for this purpose.

If a site is visited and the SSL certificate is not added to the Web browser, you will be prompted with a warning and that you have the risk of the site to confirm in any way. SSL Certificates increase your safety, surf, and shopping if you meet online payment from third-party platforms such as PayPal or bank transfer.

What Happens When a Browser Connects to an SSL Secure Site?

The first step is that the browser tries to use the site. The browser asks the server to check if the site has an SSL secure connection or not. The Web server sends a copy of the site’s SSL certificate to verify the visitor’s browser. The next step is to check SSL security certificate in browser. The browser verifies the certificate sent by the SSL Web server is reliable. If the certificate is verified, it sends a message to the server. But if it fails, the browser generates a warning and asks the user to confirm or deny the authenticity of the certificate of the webserver.

If the user accepts the risk, the message is immediately sent to the server or the connection to the site is closed. If accepted, the server returns an HTTPS (though problematic).

Key Features of SSL Certificates:

To secure a site, it is best to review under the SSL provider, is the key features and details of the SSL protocol. Types of SSL Certificates are standardized across the industry, but the following should be considered before ordering.

#1. Web Browser Authentication:

SSL must be verified by the latest major browsers. Authenticated SSL certificate authorities will generate warnings in browsers that will create negative impressions of visitors to the website and online customers. In other words, SSL certificates are highly compatible.

#2. SSL Encryption:

SSL is the industry standard 128 or 256-bit SSL encryption. The certificates are generally in this piece because of the range of browser/server / OS. 128/256 bit SSL encryption is the best option to go to the store or business safe and secure for visitors and other users online.

#3. SSL Problem:

SSL should be issued as soon as possible by a major SSL reseller. This time, keep prices down and improve your customer service.

#4. Assurance SSL:

Before you purchase an SSL certificate from an SSL reseller like CheapSSLShop, we must be aware of the cancellation of the SSL protocol and warranty policy in the case of SSL does not work.

#5. SSL Support:

SSL support if you make the installation process and the selection process. SSL support must always be there, through various communication channels such as chat, email, or phone at any time, 24/7/365.

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