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2017 The Year of Encryption Everywhere – Infographic

2017 is going to be probably the most secure year for website owners because Google released updates to force people to get site SSL ready.

In the coming year, Google’s browser (Chrome 56) will begin to show a warning message as “Not Secure” to all HTTP sites to make the web a safer and secure (less hackable) place.

SSL certificate is used to make the encrypted connection between browser and server. Therefore, Google has already moved almost all services over HTTPS encryption technology.

Even WordPress has announced that they will no longer promote hosting partners until they provide SSL certificate by default in their accounts.

Bellow Infographic shows you important announcements made by popular companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc.

2017 year of ecryption everywhere ssl https

Moving towards SSL is helpful for your business to increase trust, authenticity, search traffic, etc. Website secured with SSL protects the data, and credibility traveling between two ends. It confirms the authenticity of the website and domain ownership.

So, the question is, have you secured your site with SSL Certificate? No, then what are you waiting for? is one of the cheapest and trustworthy SSL Certificate providers around the world. Whether you are looking for Domain Validation, Business Validation, or Extended Validation, we are ready to serve you the best certificate at the cheapest price.

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