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EV Certificate: Get A Dynamic Site Seal to secure E-commerce

ev ssl certificate functionalities

SSL helps customers providing strong online security and make online transactions easier. Online frauds are increasing day by day, and people avoid online transactions. Many authorities supply digital certificates with different categories SSL Certificate arraying from domain validation to EV certificates. Among all certificates, the EV certificate is the finest security provider certificate that enables domain and organization validation. EV certificate was introduced in 2007. After applying EV certificate, the address bar turns green. When a visitor looks at a green bar, he realizes the authenticity of a site.

EV has a tough procedure for getting approval from certificate authorities (CA). The owner of a website has to deliver a few business documents, Domain Related documents, Employment-related documents. Only specified authorities can issue EV SSL Certificate to the enterprises. The EV certificate needs a legal and operational identity of a business owner, and he should have control over his domain name. EV certificate never lets your customers away from a website. It is a sign of trust that put by customers while doing online shopping. It is suitable for all most browsers and protects users from online fraud.

The EV Certificate comes with a money-back guarantee that differs as per CAs. It goes with 256-bit encryption. It carries up to a two-year validity option. Visitors can check the certificate where they will find the company name, certificate authority’s name, timestamp details, serial no, expiry date on the certificate. Through the EV certificate, you can assure your visitor that you are serious about them.

EV certificate is robust encryption security, which has an average issuance procedure of five days. It is a more secure certificate than a domain validation certificate. It enhances the trustworthiness of a website and retains the confidence of a customer. Strong encryption and business validation make EV certificates a demanding certificate in online business.

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