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How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android?

fix ssl connection errors on android

A quick guide on how to fix SSL Connection Errors on Android Devices

Your connection is not private” is a common error that most android users face on the android browser when they surf any website. However, users do not have to worry as it is an SSL connection error that occurs on most android devices. We have brought a solution for this error in this short piece of information.

Before hitting our target, let us focus on what is SSL? As we will be discussing SSL connection error.

connection is not private

About SSL Certificate:

SSL certificate as you may know authenticates the website identity as well as secures the data travels between the server and the user with strong encryption. SSL ensures that the person on the other end is the intended person with whom you are communicating. 

Without SSL encryption, data travels in plain text, and attackers can sniff such information easily. When an SSL certificate is present, all communication occurring between two ends remains encrypted and secured. However, the SSL (secure socket layer) term has been phased out and replaced with the TLS (Transport Layer Security) term.

Reasons for Why SSL Connection Error appears on Android:

SSL connection error on Android can occur due to many reasons, we have summarized reasons for your consideration.

  • Invalid time and date mean both Android and the system showing different time and date.
  • A user does not clear cookies and cache on a browser for a long time.
  • A Firewall might have a restricted website or IP address.
  • There is an SSL certificate installation error.
  • A user is on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
  • Antivirus software has blocked the website with an SSL certificate.

How to fix SSL Connection Error on Android?

After knowing the reasons for the SSL connection error, it is time to fix the SSL connection error step by step. You need to check below each step to overcome this error.

Check Date and Time on Android:

It is a simple fix as you just need to go to Settings>>Date & Time where you can click on “Automatic Date & Time”. 

Once you fix it, it may solve the error. Just browse the website and if it is still showing an error then follow the below steps.

date and time

Clear History, Cache and Cookies:

Here, we have taken the example of a Chrome browser in which you need to click on three dots and click on ‘History’

You will have a small new window showing as below. Here, you can select the Advanced tab and choose ‘All Time’ in the drop-down menu ‘Time range’. Then, click on ‘clear Data’, and all cookies, history, and cache will be cleared. Once it is done, check the website for an SSL connection error. If the error persists, follow the below steps.

clear history and cache and cookies

Change of Wi-Fi Connection:

If the above two options did not work, then check your Wi-Fi connection. If you are on public Wi-Fi then, immediately disconnect it and search for a private Wi-Fi connection. Public Wi-Fi is a soft target for hackers; they can perform a Man-in-the-middle attack and steal login credentials.

Disable Antivirus:

Antivirus apps can cause the SSL connection error as they affect the browsing experience. Antivirus can block SSL-secured websites. You need to disable antivirus temporarily and browse the website again. Once you complete the browsing task, you can turn on the antivirus app. 


Use an Incognito Mode:

You can use an Incognito mode while browsing a website that can be set in Chrome easily. In Chrome browser, just click on three dots and click on “New Incognito Window”. It will open a new window for browsing. Incognito mode will not save your history, information entered in forms, cookies, and other site data.

use incognito

Factory Reset:

Factory Reset is the last option if you still find an SSL connection error on Android. For that, you need to back up your data and go to Settings>>Backup & Reset. Factory Reset will erase all your data and app preference settings on your android.

factory reset


SSL Connection Error on Android is found frequently on Android. The above steps can fix this error easily. However, it is not a big issue, but it should be fixed for a smooth browsing experience. We hope that the mentioned steps will help you to fix the SSL connection error on the android device.

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