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Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Apache

generate csr for apache server
Apache Software Foundation developed Apache. The server is used by many operating systems like UNIX, Windows and supports languages like Perl, Python, Tcl, PHP. Apache got popular in 1996 and became the first server to 100 million websites.

Once you obtain your desired SSL Certificate for your website, the very next and important step is to install the certificate properly on the server. Today we will reveal steps to follow while generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Apache Web Server.

CSR Creation for Apache requires OpenSSL utility as well private key is also created with the CSR. OpenSSL is found under /usr/local/ssl/bin in Apache server.

Generating the Key Pair

    • First, type the following command. In case, you do not want Pass Phrase, remove –des3 command. But your private key will remain unsecured.
openssl genrsa –des3 –out 2048
  • Now, enter the PEM Pass Phrase and remember it.
  • Now, your RSA private key (2048-bit) is generated and store it in the file, for example,

Generating the CSR

    • First, type the following command at the prompt. If you have kept Pass Phrase along with –des3 command, type it.
openssl req –new –key –out

PS. In case of error with windows based installation, type the below command.

openssl req -new -key -out -config openssl.cnf
  • Now, input the below information for CSR (Certificate Signing Request). This information will be shown in the certificate.

PS. Please do not use any special characters like < > ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * / \ ( ) ? and Email Address, A challenge password, An optional company name.

Country Name (2 letter code) [US]:
State or Province Name (full name) [Some-State]:
Locality Name (eg, city):
Organization Name (eg, company):
Organizational Unit Name (eg, section):
Common Name (eg, YOUR name):

    • At last, confirm the details of CSR and use the below command:
openssl req -noout -text -in
  • The CSR is created and you need to submit it to the SSL certificate provider.

Now you have successfully generated CSR for Apache. In our next article, we will discuss how to install SSL Certificate on Apache.

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