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Generate CSR for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016

Microsoft Exchange server 2016 is a mail server and it supports POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and EAS. For secure mail conversion, SSL is a secure protocol that helps to secure ongoing information for internally and externally communication. Outlook On the Web, EAC, Exchange Web Services, ActiveSync, Outlook Anywhere,  Autodiscover – Address Book Distribution can be secured with SSL certificate.

Brand Product Name Type Sale Price Retail Price
Comodo Exchange Server SSL (UCC) DV $60.00/yr. $262.50/yr.

Note: You need to buy UCC Exchange Server SSL Certificate to protect your Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

There are two sections in SSL certificate installation on Microsoft Exchange server 2016. You should first create CSR (certificate signing request) from the server, which is generally done from Exchange Admin Center. If you have purchased a UCC SSL certificate already, then follow bellow instructions to generate CSR key file:

Generate the CSR:

  • Login to Exchange Admin Center (EAC), click on “Servers” on the left pane, you will have the “Certificates” option on the right side of the screen. Click on the “Certificates” tab.

exchange admin center

  • Select correct Exchange Server installed in your organization and Click on the “+” icon option to start a new CSR.

select exchange server

  • Select “Create a request for a certificate from a certification authority option”. Click “Next”.

new exchange certificate

  • You have a box in which type friendly name i.e. Exchange 2016 SAN certificate. Click Next.

new exchange certificate friendly name

  • The next screen is for the wildcard certificate. (If you have purchased Wildcard SSL, click the box and add a root domain name as *, otherwise leave it unchecked).

new exchange certificate request wildcard

  • Click “Browse” and select mailbox server. This is the server where certificate requests will be kept. Click Next.

new exchange certificate store request

  • Now, specify the domain names that you wish to include in the certificate. However, you can specify domain names on the next screen as shown below.

new exchange certificate specifydomains

  • You can edit/delete additional domain names here.

new exchange certificate add additional domains

  • On the next screen, fill in organization information and click “next”.

new exchange certificate specify organization information


  • Browse the UNC path where you want to save the CSR file. Click “Finish”.

save certificate

  • Your CSR is now generated. now open the file to copy and paste the CSR code into a text editor like Notepad that you need to submit to the SSL provider to get an SSL certificate.

After the process of CSR generation, you need to install SSL certificate on Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, which we will discuss in our next article.

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