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Generate CSR for Microsoft Lync Server 2013

As a Windows user, you face the same online security threats that fellow users face on other platforms. But the good news is that you can keep yourself safe from online threats by installing an SSL certificate on your system. Before you enjoy the benefits of an SSL certificate, you need to install it on your Microsoft Lync 2013 server. But just like all the other server systems, you need to install your SSL certificate on the same server, in which you have generated CSR (Certificate Signing Request). The reason is, relevant private key remains on the server on which you have generated CSR.

If you haven’t purchased SSL certificate already, then you can check different types of SSL certificates along with their pricing information.

As stated above, this post will guide you overall procedure of installation process that will cover the installation of the CSR and the SSL certificate. Keep on reading to learn more.

Before beginning, take note of this:

  • Keep all your private key files secret
  • Use a secure method of transferring your private key to other servers if you plan to use a single SSL certificate on several servers. It is safer to avoid emails when doing the transfer
  • Generate a CSR before installing the certificate
  • After installing the certificate, run an SSL server test to ensure your configurations are okay

How to Generate a CSR for Lync Server 2013

  • In Windows start menu, click on the Lync Deployment Wizard icon

Icon of Lync Server Deployment Wizard

  • Click on the Install or Update Lync Server system

 Screen shot of Lync Server 2013 Deployment Wizard

  • Click Run on the Request, Install, or Assign certificates step

Screenshot of Request Certificate on Lync Server 2013

  • Click on Request button to create CSR

Requesting Certificate for CSR

  • Click on the Next button

Screen shot of Certificate Request on Lync Server

  • Select Prepare the Request Now, but send it Later (offline certificate request)

Certificate Request Screenshot 2

  • Click on Browse button to specify the full path and file name for the CSR file that you want to generate.

Specification of File path to create CSR

  • Click on Next button, Specify Alternate Certificate Template, which is not necessary for Public Trust CA.

Specify Alternate Certificate Template

  • Fill in a suitable name for the certificate. Make sure the Bit Length is 2048. Mark the private key as exportable if you have several computers in your network and then click Next

Name and Security Settings Screen Shot

  • Enter the legal name of your organization and Organizational Unit, then Click Next

Organization information on Certificate Request

  • Fill in your Country, State, and City before clicking Next

Geographical information specification

  • The Common Name (CN) and Subject Alternative Names (SAN) will automatically pop up before clicking Next

Subject Name CSR Screen

  • Check the box on SIP configured domains to add a sip.<sipdomain> entry to the “SIP domain setting on subject alternative names list” wizard and then click Next

Configure SIP domains

  • OPTIONAL: On the Configure Additional Subject Alternate Names page, specify other necessary SANs if you need to add, then click the Next button

Configure Additional SANs

  • Now, you can see Certificate Request Summary screen, you need to check information is accurate or not before clicking Next button

Certificate Request Summary Screen

  • On the Executing Commands page, confirm if the Task Status is “completed” before clicking Next
  • On the Certificate Request File page, click View CSR file before copying the text and enter it into the order form. Click Finish to close the Certificate Request File window.

Generated CSR file Screen

  • CSR file will look like as screen shot below:

CSR file screen shot

As above mentioned simple steps, you will have generated your CSR ready. Now, you can order SSL certificate of your choice.

Follow the Next step to install SSL certificate on Microsoft Lync Server 2013.

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