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Generate CSR on InterWorx Control Panel

InterWorx is hosting cPanel software that carries two interfaces: NodeWorx and SiteWorx where NodeWorx manages the server while SiteWorx manages a specific website. InterWorx offers easy server management and scalable environment for load balancer. To enable secure environment over InterWorx cPanel, you need strong security and SSL is an ideal option. In this valuable information, we will follow out process of installing SSL certificate on InterWorx cPanel.

The process of SSL installation requires CSR (certificate signing request) generation along with private key generation.

Generate Private Key on InterWorx Control Panel:

Before generating the CSR, you need to create private key and for that below steps should be followed.

  • Open SiteWorx Control Panel and browse Hosting Features >> Domains >> SSL certificates
    SiteWrox Control Panel
  • In SSL certificates pane, look for SSL certificates and Private Key. Click on Set up private key

    setup priva <ul>te key
  • In case, if you have already private key, you can paste the key in the given box. Click Install.
  • In case, if you do not have private key, you can click Generate button.

generate private key

  • You will see message “Private Key is created”.

Generate CSR on InterWorx Control Panel:

After setting up the private key, the time is now to generate the CSR.

  1. Open SiteWorx Control Panel and click SSL certificates pane.
  2. Click on CSR (certificate signing request) setup link.Setup CSR
  3. You will be asked to fill details in a given form like:
    • Two letter country code: USA, UK
    • State/Province: Name of the state in which organization is located
    • City: Name of the city where organization is situated
    • Company: Name of company name
    • Company Division: Name of company’s dept. that handles SSL certificate
    • Common name: for example,
    • Email Address: Provide email addressManage CSR
  4. Click on Generate tab. You will see message “CSR Created”.

After generating CSR for ordering SSL certificate, Follow the next step to install SSL Certificate on InterWorx Control Panel, Which we will discuss in our next article.