Generate CSR on Microsoft IIS 10

Generate CSR using IIS10

Installation of SSL certificate on IIS 10 is divided into CSR generation and installation part. After purchasing an SSL certificate, it requires to be configured on the server and for that, you should have to generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request).

  • To generate CSR code file on Microsoft IIS 10 server, open Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager by pressing windows shortcut WIN+R or by type “inetmgr” into the search field.
  • Click on “Server Certificate” icon in home page of IIS Manager.

IIS Manager Screen

  • On the right side Action panel, click on Create Certificate Request Link.

Create Certificate Request in IIS Manager

  • There will be windows “Distinguished Name Properties”, asking for required details to be filled. The details of CSR are as below:
    • Common Name: Fully Qualified Domain name ( or
    • Organization: A company’s name, (If there is no company, write NA)
    • Organization Unit: The department is that takes care of SSL certificate issuance and installation.
    • City/Locality: Your City name
    • State/Province: Your State name
    • Country/Region: Two-digit country code

Distinguished Name Properties to request certificate

  • PS. For EV and OV validation certificate, organization name and its unit should be filled with legal name and current department.
  • After filling in details, click on the Next button.
  • You will have new windows “Cryptographic Service Provider Properties”. You need to leave the first field “Cryptographic Service Provider” with the name “Microsoft RSA SChannel Cryptographic Provider”. Select 2048 in “Bit length” field. After that, click on the Next button.

Cryptographic Service Provider Properties window on IIS

  • Finally, you will have windows named “Filename” type directory where you want to save CSR file or you can browse the directory by clicking on … dots.

Save CSR file on IIS

  • Click on the Finish button. Your CSR is saved on the selected path; you can open the file with any text editor.

Generated CSR Code using IIS 10 server

Now, you are required to install SSL certificate on IIS 10, which is described in our next article.

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