GeoTrust SSL Certificate Review

GeoTrust SSL Certificate Review

Why GeoTrust SSL Certificate for website security? Go Through Our Complete GeoTrust SSL Review.

Do you have GeoTrust SSL certificate on your mind? If the answer is ‘YES’, then this article is going to help you a lot. We bring GeoTrust review that will help you decide your desired SSL certificate. GeoTrust CA is one of the best digital certificate providers in the World.

This short piece of information covers just about GeoTrust CA, benefits of GeoTrust SSL, features of GeoTrust Certificate and more.

About GeoTrust CA: Trusted Certificate Authority

GeoTrust SSL is one of the best SSL certificates in SSL industry. GeoTrust has been dominating the SSL industry since 1999. However, it started as a Business-to-Business company, but in 2001, GeoTrust introduced itself as a certificate authority and become a recognized TLS/SSL certificate provider globally.

The authority deals with affordable and diversified SSL certificates and has satisfied more than 100,000 customers in more than 150 countries.

GeoTrust can be a great choice if you are looking to secure your website with modern and strong encryption standards. VeriSign acquired GeoTrust back in 2006, and later one Symantec has bought VeriSign.

Currently, GeoTrust is driven by DigiCert certificate authority.

GeoTrust SSL Certificate Features:

  • GeoTrust carries high compatibility with mobile and desktop browsers as well as with well-known operating systems.
  • GeoTrust SSL products come with modern 256-bit encryption strength that keeps online information intact.
  • A site seal with all GeoTrust products gives a reason to customers to trust the website for sharing online information.
  • Different validation methods offer customers a chance to choose the right SSL certificate for enterprises and businesses.
  • Major browsers accept Roots of GeoTrust; hence, there will be no SSL warning for users browsing a website.
  • GeoTrust is a recognized brand in the SSL industry in which customers can easily put their trust; as a result, the volume of traffic on site may increase soon.
  • Users will have free re-issuance, up to $1,500,000 warranty amount, and a 30-days refund as additional features.
  • All GeoTrust products support www and non-www versions of domain names.

Types of GeoTrust SSL Certificates:

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate, a single-domain SSL, follows a domain validation process, which takes a few minutes in issuance. No paperwork is required to issue this certificate as only domain ownership needs to be verified.

All data that travels between the server and the browser will have strong 256-bit encryption and a 2048-bit RSA key. Moreover, the certificate can be installed on multiple servers.

This Cheapest Domain Validation certificate also comes with a multiyear option (up to 5 years) seems a great benefit for customers that ease certificate management. The multiyear option offers a low-cost benefit, and a user does not need to renew the certificate multiple times.

In addition, due to strong encryption, it is harder to break the encryption, and customers on the website can easily do online transactions, which means a secure environment is created on the website.

This certificate is popular among small and medium businesses as it removes the paper process and offers quick certificate issuance. The certificate offers a $500K warranty which can be claimed in case of mis-issuance of a certificate.

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate is an organization validation certificate in which an organization’s identity is verified. It shows customers that they are dealing with an original business website and not a fake one.

Although it is an organization validation, it is still available at low cost and popular among medium-sized businesses. Customers easily get attracted to the website as they find the website is authenticated. In addition, customers easily deal with such secured websites as GeoTrust offers modern encryption standards.

Moreover, the GeoTrust True BusinessID certificate can install on many servers as it features unlimited server licenses. In case of server change, a developer can install the same SSL certificate on a different server.

GeoTrust offers a dynamic site seal that can be put on any web page to gain confidence in customers. It instantly gives assurance to customers about the website’s authenticity. The certificate authority takes 2-3 days in issuance as only domain ownership, and organization validation is checked.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV Certificate

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV certificate brings the highest authenticity to your website as the certificate authority checks for domain rights, business existence proof even with the third-party business resources.

256-bit encryption makes your customers happy with strong security for their online information. Without any hesitation, a customer would like to deal with the website as they can see the website is highly authenticated and has undergone a rigorous verification process.

GeoTrust EV SSL offers seamless protection against phishing and data spying activities; a customer can check verified company name once a single click on a padlock opens drop-down menu showing verified company name.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV certificate starts at $130.00/yr. that seems a cost-effective price for an EV SSL certificate. Moreover, the certificate is ideal for enterprises who want brand identity, thereby ensures users that they are visiting a secured site and their online information will be kept secret.

Furthermore, a victim will have the protection of a warranty of up to $1,500,000 if mis-issuance of a certificate happens. However, GeoTrust takes care of certificate issuance by looking at every technical aspect, so there is a negligible chance of certificate compromise.

GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL Certificate

GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL certificate is a wise option for those who wish to protect multiple domains or subdomains under a single security certificate. Either it is a first-level subdomain or a different level of the subdomain or any domain; all these can be secured with a GeoTrust San SSL certificate.

Furthermore, there is no worry about data spying as GeoTrust understands security concerns, hence, binds each byte of data with modern encryption standards. Yes, the data will have 256-bit encryption as well 2048-bit CSR encryption.

Most browsers and operating systems well recognize the roots of GeoTrust so, a user will have an error-free experience on your website. As a result, more sales are coming on the way for enterprises or companies.

The certificate is ideal for medium and large enterprises and e-commerce companies that deal with multiple domains and subdomains. The certificate brings all domains under a single roof.

Therefore, certificate management will be an easy task as only a single SSL certificate needed to be renewed once it expires. The certificate offers many exciting benefits that could attract visitors.

GeoTrust Multi Domain EV Certificate

GeoTrust Multi Domain EV Certificate is a great combination of the highest authentication and security for multiple domains. A certificate authority checks business-related documents, the legal existence of a company as well domain ownership.

Ecommerce and large enterprises prefer multi domain EV SSL for easy certificate management and strong authentication and security. The certificate is for higher credibility and security and takes up to 5 days in issuance, depending upon the document submission and verification.

Further, the warranty amount is given, which is subject to verification if any loss occurs to a customer due to the mis-issuance of a certificate.

GeoTrust San EV SSL certificate comes with a multiyear option that enables a single renewal and simple certificate management. It would be a cost-effective deal for SSL seekers, and all benefits will be bestowed with a multiyear purchase option.

You need to renew after one year to keep the certificate active. 256-bit encryption encodes the data to avert data spying activities as well; almost all browsers recognize the GeoTrust root certificates.

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard Certificate

GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard certificate is a cost-effective certificate that secures the main domain and its first level of subdomains with strong encryption support.

A certificate can secure, for example, * and its subdomains like,, You need an asterisk (*) to be put before the main domain name to activate the certificate. An asterisk allows securing the first level of subdomains along with robust encryption standards.

The certificate also offers 30 days money-back guarantee means a customer can return the product within 30 days of purchase date and get back the money.

A multiyear plan is also beneficial to customers who want to save extra money; they need to regenerate the certificate every year to keep the certificate active. To assures your customers, GeoTrust CA offers a dynamic site seal that can be placed on a website. It can be clicked to check the authenticity and security level of a website.

GeoTrust CA Certificate Benefits :

Here are few other benefits that make GeoTrust Brand the first choice among small to large enterprises.

  • Helps in Boost ranking in Search engine
  • Certificate Can be installed on many servers in case of server change
  • Lifetime Free re-issuance
  • Up to 100 domains can be secured with SAN SSL
  • Establish the credibility of a business
  • Affordable cost
  • Easy Certificate Management in case of a wildcard and multi domain SSL
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Diversified SSL products suit the different requirement
  • Universal Browser & OS compatibility

The Bottom Line:

The question that should you buy a GeoTrust SSL? You have now understood what is GeoTrust SSL Certificate? From the above GeoTrust review, we can say that GeoTrust is a reputed certificate authority that offers low prices along with different SSL product categories.

From domain validation to extended validation, you can choose anyone as per the website’s requirements. The products offered by GeoTrust carry a wealth of features.

GeoTrust offers the lowest price but does not compromise on the security part. So, if you are looking for affordable and strong security then, GeoTrust is a worth considering option for you.

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