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All HTTP Sites Will Mark “Not Secure” in Google Chrome 68 from July

HTTP Sites Will Mark “Not Secure” in Google Chrome 68 from July – With the rising graph of HTTPS websites after Google’s announcement that they will consider HTTPS as a ranking signal and make the web safer for everyone, many website owners have awakened from a deep sleep and striving to get an SSL certificate to secure their websites.

Recently, Google Chrome’s eye-catching announcement to mark all HTTP sites as “Not Secure” alerted the whole internet world. According to the recent update of Google Chrome version-68 from July 2018 will show all HTTP sites as “Not Secure“.

Treatment of HTTP Pages in Chrome 68

It is obvious that with the rising hacking and online fraud in the online world, the privacy and security of users/customers are indeed required. With the outcome of chrome’s decision, users will have more sites to have a Secure message appear on the browser’s address bar. It will assure them as well as boost website credibility. In the long run, it will lead to more profit with a high volume of customers.

However, This announcement is not sudden as Chrome v.56 shows HTTP sites as “Not Secure”, which allow password or payment card fields. After that, Chrome (version 62) started to mark the “Not Secure” warning next to the URL, when the user enters data on text form fields on HTTP pages and all HTTP sites visited in a private browsing window (Incognito mode).

The browser authority observed the huge adoption of HTTPS among website traffic and inspired them to bring Chrome (version 68) into force for the sake of users’ safety. Earlier, Mozilla has also begun this trend in December last year and marked all HTTP sites as non-secure sites.

At present, Chrome is having 68% of Android and Windows traffic encrypted while 78% of Chrome OS and Mac traffic is passed through encrypted channels. Moreover, 81 out of 100 sites use HTTPS by default.

Google’s Lighthouse app includes verification of HTTPS settings of websites. Developers can do Mixed content audits in the latest Node CLI version of Lighthouse, this tool assists developers to find which resources a website loads using HTTP, and which resources are ready to be updated.

In addition, the CA/Browser forum has announced to put a cap on the validity of SSL certificates so, SSL certificates will now be available only for 2 years from March 1, 2018. It will help the business to refresh their security with the latest SSL updates and assess their SSL status at a regular interval.

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