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Google says, Companies’ Frivolous attitude on HTTPS

google report on https

When someone visits a website that runs on HTTP, every single item of the website including URL and content is visible to a third person on the network.

With an HTTP site, cyber culprits can take advantage of communication-taking place between the server and the browser. To avoid this hurdle, HTTPS (SSL) can be a useful standard as it is the keystone of online security and privacy.

HTTPS is for Website Integrity and Privacy:

HTTPS relates to encrypting the information. HTTPS is a layer that avoids intruders from intercepting data traveling between the web server and the web browser. Intruders exploit the information by installing malware or their own ads and capturing sensitive information.

If your website is enabled with HTTPS, then the traveling information will remain safe. Visitors can easily trust HTTPS-enabled websites and the information they enter will be protected with the highest encryption based on industry standards.

Types of Encryption:

Encryption in Transit: It secures the information flow between the user and the server. For example, when a customer enters his details on the website, an encrypted connection secures the information and avoids sniffing.

End-to-end Encryption: It relates to the privacy of keys, which are used for encryption and decryption. Keys encode the message that can be decrypted by the end-user therefore, there is no way of accessing the real content of a message.

Encryption at Rest: In such a situation, where the information is not in transit, encryption also works at that time. For example, hard drive encryption makes sure that the data on disk is a secure and third party cannot access files if the PC is stolen.

Google Audit Report:

To track HTTPS data, recently Google has brought an audit that includes a list of 100 non-Google sites including public and private data sources on the internet.

Google audit said that there are 75 out of 100 websites have no SSL by default while 67 websites are using outdated SSL or have no SSL at all. Even top sites that are running on HTTPS but they are having no Default HTTPS.

Google has also stated that all the listed sites can take the help of Google to move to HTTPS in the current 2016 year.

The goal of Google:

Google believes that encryption followed by industry standards is a pioneer of online safety and privacy for all web users. Thus, Google is working to support encryption in all of our products and services. The HTTPS at Google page shows the real-time progress toward that goal.

General Myth about HTTPS:

As there are many myths prevailing among organizations and individuals like slow speed of the website, HTTPS is only for online business, HTTPS is for only login and registration, etc. Besides, many businesses and individuals believe that HTTPS is only for a website that carries sensitive information but it is a misconception.

In reality, attackers can target any website and contents: images, cookies, scripts, HTML. Any unprotected website can reveal data about the user’s behavior and identities. Third-party can inject vulnerability in websites to victimize users or collect user-browsing activities to de-anonymize user identity.

Always-On SSL:

Always-On SSL is a term used by Digicert that suggests website owners secure the entire website structure rather than securing only login, register, and shopping cart pages. Few benefits are

  • Every page of a website will have strong security.
  • There is no need for additional hardware support.
  • Google will deem your website as secure and provide a higher ranking in search engines.
  • Customers easily trust a wholly secured website hence, the website will have more conversation rates.

HTTPS is Future:

As cybercrime is growing in large numbers, there is a strict need for HTTPS as inevitable online security for online businesses, banks, payment merchants, and other sites.

HTTPS not only secures the tunnel of exchanging communication but also shows a business as a legitimate one to your customers and protects them against phishing and sniffing activities.

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