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Guidelines for Better Cyber Security Practice

Cyber Security Measurement
Every organization wishes to safeguard their internal and external infrastructure to experience smooth business functionality.

To make this happen, organizations, companies, or enterprises have to mull over cyber security, as it is a widespread subject and it is the responsibility of employees and organization itself. At present, mostly organizations are under threat of cyber crime because cyber culprits have proven their ability by utilizing novel hacking techniques while organizations have a tendency to spend less on security.

In this article, we will go through few best cyber security practice that would help you to take firm decision about organization security.

Focus on Employees:

When we think of cyber security, employees are the assets of a company, so their security behavior is most important aspect. Organizations should take into consider the habit and actions of employees regarding unknown email, links, or any third party software download.

Additionally, train the staff on regular base with evolving sophisticated cyber criminal techniques, so they can understand their role and responsibility in keeping safe working environment.

Develop strong BYOD policy and employee policies regarding data access, termination, and employment separation.

Risk Assessment:

The most essential part of risk assessment is to identify the potential hazard at your workplace. For that, observe company’s systems & business processes and give priorities to the critical data system house that carries sensitive information. It is good to consult with employees to know their opinion about hazards prevailing in organization.

After identifying the risk, assess the level of a risk and take steps to minimize the risk. Whatever you find, record it in simple text. Make risk assessment an ongoing process that will make you aware about emerging hazards in the organization.

Manage Vendors:

Many organizations rely on third party vendors for information technology infrastructure, control and security. It is essential to understand the level and type of security such vendors offer; for example, discuss about various level of security that your internet service provider offers. If any vendor has right to access company’s data, ensure that the vendor has sufficient control and procedures to safeguard the confidential information.

Even when drafting requests for proposals (RFPs), enumerate service security policy, employee right to access systems in current infrastructure.

Security- A starting point:

Software and control system should have ample security since its development in your company infrastructure, there may be chances of minimizing intrusions and alert the IT management when the system is under attack.

Besides software, network and control system, company should focus on physical assets like computers, printers, etc. which may have remote access. It is wise to gauge physical vectors exist on the network.

Control and monitor the remote access of employees or vendors who have remote access as they can innocently misplace their devices.

Regular Testing:

Company should organize frequent testing program for training, physical assets, and system assessment to find disaster response. From phishing mail test to hire third party for network penetration should be included in evaluation process.

Even company can take help of trade associations and forums where peer organizations share their practice on cyber security and measures against threats. These forums provide information starting from the latest threats to sample questions.


With the evolving hacking techniques and technology level, company should prepare itself and be aware about the latest threats and issues. In that case, company vendors, trade organizations and governments are great resource. Monitor employees’ action and ensure that they meet with specified good security practices.

If the company found any suspicious action, then there should be a timely reporting about it via various channels and further notify to suitable regional office of the FBI and US Department of Homeland Security.


Cyber security is a top-tier risk for many organizations and demands good security practice before a hacker would penetrate company’s network system and infiltrate the data. The above cyber security practice would keep your company’s internal and external environment safe and sound.

Increases consciousness and makes debate on cyber security within the organization and make security policy that clarifies security requirements.

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