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Holistic Approach to Data Protection: An Emerging Trend in the Organization

holistic approach to data protection

With the growing needs of the data, the data management like storage, backup, restoration seem a growing concern for any organizations. The age in which we are living has reached to the extend where scalability, data security, speed, and reliability come on the first priority. The same goes with data too. Many organizations prefer multiple traditional point products that try to solve the task altogether working as a single unit. However, implementing multiple products had shown bad results in the past and given painful experience of inefficiencies.

Therefore, it is quite important to have a single platform product that can incorporate multiple requirements of data management and helpful for potential data service demands. By keeping a holistic approach to single data management, it can bring efficient security and efficiency to meet different need of organization’s task. It will get an organization abolish the challenges of a data management. In this article, we will go through some advantages of having a holistic approach to single point data management.

  • Managing Data Storage Demand:

The growth of data and storage issue put IT people in a dilemma. Legacy systems have been provided inefficient in managing data storage in current time. Legacy systems can slow down operation by making data backup and recovery complex. The time has come to go with a new strategy to meet current data and information challenges. A single point system can mitigate risk involved in full backup and mitigate control cost. A single point feature removes data redundancy to minimize storage infrastructure costs.

  • Lessen Operational Difficulty:

A traditional system that is created before the big data cannot reduce operational complexity. However, the new single point system effectively creates new efficiency to manage data demands and data protection. The new system can mitigate manual scripting and other processes to automate the task to leverage policy based on data protection and management. Thus, organizations can focus on further goals in a broader sense by facing less operational difficulty.

  • Handling Data in a Better Way:

The data explosion creates an additional burden of data on the network, storage, and management resources. Legacy systems do lack in handling huge volume of data. Modern data protection protects the data in a better way and reduces the risk of data theft. As a result, redundancy in data transfer avoids repetition of the data in storage. It will optimize the data transfer and data storage.

  • Reduce cost of data management:

Legacy systems has failed to manage data and scalability as required in modern time. On contrary, a modern system manages data in an efficient manner that can leverage the investment proficiently as a result, it will minimize the storage and its management cost. You can avoid high storage cost, expensive network updates, and extra storage options by enabling direct-attached storage (DAS), network-attached storage (NAS) ideal for small and large organizations.

  • Streamline Data backup:

Traditional data backup systems can increase maintenance expenses and make backup difficult. Such a system eliminates the opportunity of data deduplication (compression method to remove data repetition) and replication. A single core platform removes the complexity of backup and allows to maintain different copies of data on different storage levels. As a result, data retention, recovery can be achieved overall also ensures the proper level of data protection. Even Modern data storage system provides data encryption in transfer and storage. You can authorize users to access and alter the different data.


In current data environment, multiple point product seems lost its shine and single point data management system has replaced this traditional platform.

If IT staff is facing any difficulty to streamline data backup and recovery while managing the big data, then the organization should adopt a holistic approach to single point data system protection.

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