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How SSL Certificates protect your Ecommerce website?

ecommerce website

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is about security. This level of security is necessary for the E-commerce website. The work of transferring data from your computer to your hosting server is done by SSL. Without SSL information travels through computers would be visible, in that case, your personal information is not secure. SSL has a major impact on the world of online business and eCommerce. With an SSL Certificate, customers can feel safe and secure.

SSL encrypts data during transmission on the internet from browser to server or server to server, which is necessary for forestalling identity theft and forgery. The encryption using a private key/public key pair ensures that the data can be encrypted by one key but can only be decrypted by the other key pair. The keys can be used alternatively but they are similar in nature. The key pair is based on prime numbers and their length in terms of bits ensures the difficulty of being able to decrypt the message without the key pairs. The logic in a key pair is to keep one key secret (the private key) and to distribute the other key (the public key) to everybody. Anybody can send you an encrypted message that only you will be able to decrypt. Only you have the other key pair. In the opposite, you can certify that a message is only coming from you, because you have encrypted it with you private key, and only the associated public key will decrypt it correctly. Beware, in this case the message is not secured you have only signed it. Everybody has the public key.

SSL certificates are delivered by Certificate Authorities. These are corporations and they reputed and trusted by web browser developers (VeriSign, Trustware, etc.). We can get an SSL certificate from many websites. Whenever you make an online purchase, look at the URL address bar before you enter your confidential details. It should have “https” instead of “HTTP” in front of the URL address. The “S” stands for security.

Having a recognized secure site means a great deal with the customer. If your website does not have an SSL certificate people may leave to purchase from your website. SSL certificate guarantees safe and easy internet shopping.  SSL certificate not only ensures secure transmission of secret information but also increases the trustworthiness of the online business.


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