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How to Enable SSL in Joomla?

After understanding the prerequisites for SSL which is described below, We now discuss the process of enabling SSL in Joomla. For that, the user has to follow the following instructions.

how to Enable ssl in joomla

  • Browse the link “Global Configuration” on the control panel page in Joomla, click on it to go to the setting page.
  • Click on the server tab that lies near the “Global Configuration” page.
  • Click on the “Force SSL” drop-down box and click on the “Entire Site” or “Administrator Only” option. Click on the “Save” logo on the “Global Configuration” page.
  • Log in to the Joomla website that will redirect you from HTTP to a secure HTTPS page.

At last, after completing the process if the user finds any errors during the implementation then he should contact the SSL provider and take the assistance of him.

Pre Requisites for enabling SSL in Joomla

Some Words about SSL

SSL is an ideal solution for online security that secures online transactions between the server and the user’s browser. A protocol secures data in transition with the strongest encryption.

The data as if credit card numbers, login details, or personal information is being encrypted so; the third party will not be able to identify the data. Without SSL, it is risky to do online transactions over the web.

Generally, a web URL starts with HTTPS after the implementation of SSL your web URL will start with HTTPS. An extra “S” to HTTP is proof that your website has SSL security.

How to buy an SSL?

Before enabling SSL on the Joomla website you need to buy an SSL. SSL requires a rigorous process that includes sometimes the verification of your business that will be verified by a trusted certificate authority. It requires a unique IP address and a domain name for which users need SSL security.

Generally, each SSL Certificate serves single domain security. CSR key is most required to order an SSL Certificate from the below sources. If you are not familiar with CSR creating then you may contact your hosting provider.

Source to buy an SSL

• Certificate Authority
• Authorized reseller of Certificate Authority

How to Install SSL in your web server?

First, you need to install your SSL on your web server before enabling it on your Joomla website. It does depend on which hosting service you use. Most trusted hosting company offers you 24/7 live chat, Email support, ticket support. Once you buy an SSL, you can ask for support on how to install SSL from your hosting provider.

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