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Find the way to Fix ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED error in Chrome.

SSL certificates are digital security certificates issued by Certificate Authorities (CAs) to secure the web. When the CA’s issue these certificates, they need to register and add the same in public certificate transparency logs. This process is also termed Certificate Transparency.

What is Certificate Transparency?

In short, Certificate Transparency (CT) is an open-source structure used for surveillance and auditing of SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificates. Though DigiCert was the first CA to implement CT in 2013, Google made it mandate from October 2017.

CT logs function as per internet security standards and meet all the requirements stated by Google. Thus, CT is used to record and manage all the public logs of this digital certificate.

Importance of CT Logs:

Transparency logs are pivotal because they help monitor and expose SSL certificates issued fraudulently. They also help in detecting:

  • Expired SSL certificates
  • Corrupted SSL certificates
  • Misconfigured SSL certificates

If a CA issues an SSL certificate but forgets to append the same in the public logs, it can trigger an ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED error.

What is an ERR_Certificate_Transparency_Required Error?

The main motto of adding the issuance of SSL certificates to the public logs is to prevent wrong/fraudulent issuance of SSL certificates and repudiation. Hence, this Chrome error occurs when there is an issue with the CT logs.


  • CT demands that all the SSL certificates issued to site owners be logged appropriately. So, when you are trying to view a site secured with an SSL certificate, but the same has not been added to the CT logs either due to any fraudulent motive or due to negligence, the site may trigger the error.
  • One more reason is that if any site owner who has purchased the SSL certificate has appealed to the CA to refrain from adding their domain/subdomain details in the CT log due to privacy issues, it may also cause the display of this error.

So, when the above-stated issues take place, it triggers ERR_Certificate_Transparency_Required error.

How to Resolve ERR_Certificate_Transparency_Required Error?

The error has different solutions depending on the situation. In some cases, configuration issues may be responsible for the error, and hence the same needs to be fixed by the site owner.

For Website Owners:

Fixing this error is a simple deal when it comes to website owners.

  • The site owner needs to request the CA who has issued the SSL certificate and to append the SSL certificate to the Certificate Transparency log.
  • In case of any technical glitch, the site owner should reissue their SSL certificate to fix the error.
  • In cases where the site owner has urged the CA to omit the certificate entries in the CT log for the privacy of their domains/subdomains, it’s wise to apply for an exception policy regarding the same.
  • The site owner should check out technical glitches from the CA’s end, and in case the issue remains unresolved, it would be wise to switch to another trustworthy CA.

Since scammers are always searching for security vulnerabilities, such glitches can damage your business and reputation. So, try fixing the error as soon as possible.

For Website Visitors:

If you are a site visitor, try to open the problematic site from another browser or device. If the troublesome site is viewed in another device/browser, there could be a problem in your browser/device. Don’t worry; the solutions to fix the same are straightforward.

Let’s check them out.

Disable your Anti-Virus Software/Firewall Temporarily:

It is a hazardous option since this software is meant to prevent hackers from entering your networks. But sometimes, these security solutions prevent HTTPS (hyper-text transfer protocol secure) traffic, thus triggering ERR_Certificate_Transparency_Required error.

The sole solution is to temporarily disable the anti-virus software/firewall and resolve your issue. Visit your desired site, and later enable these securities again.

You can also try using another reliable anti-virus software to eliminate these SSL errors.

Keep Chrome Updated:

Outdated browsers always create problems and cause errors. Since security lapses need to be patched, updating the Chrome browser is the ideal solution.


  • Open Chrome by clicking the 3 vertical dots visible in the upper-right hand corner.
  • Go to Settings > About Chrome


  • Click “Update” or “Update Chrome” for browser update. If there are no pending updates, then the below image will be displayed.

About Chrome

  • Restart Chrome.

Clean Browser Cache and Cookies:

Outdated cookies and cache data can trigger the above-stated error. Delete them and resolve your issue.


  • Open the Chrome menu > Go to “More Tools” > Click “Clear Browsing Data”

click clear browsing data

  • In the pop-up window, in “Time range”, tick all the options and click “Clear Data”.

clear browsing data

  • Once all the cache and cookies are cleared, check if the error is fixed or not.

Disable Unused Extensions:

Many times, unused or bad extensions can trigger SSL errors. You can verify the same by opening the problematic site in Incognito mode. If this move resolves the issue, there is some issue with the extensions.


  • Open Chrome menu > Go to “More Tools” > Click Extensions.
  • Disable each extension till you find the culprit and later delete the same. Later enable all the remaining extensions.


Clear SSL State:

The SSL State, which consists of SSL certificate information, is stored by a majority of the browsers in history. These details mess up to create SSL errors.

Clearing SSL State may fix this issue.


  • In Windows > Go to “Internet Properties” > Go to the “Content” tab.
  • In this tab, click “Clear SSL State”, later click “Apply” and “Ok”.

clear ssl state

  • Restart your computer and check if the error is resolved or not.

Disregard the Error:

Many visitors tend to disregard the error and proceed but let me warn you that it is not a feasible solution. Another suggestion is to avoid sending sensitive data on such sites.

In case you wish to ignore the error, there are 2 options. They are:

1st Option:

  • In the address bar, type “Chrome://flags”
  • In varied menus, search for “Insecure origin treated as secure”. By default, this option is disabled. Enable the same and restart your browser.


  • Later don’t forget to disable the same again after visiting your desired site.

2nd Option:

  • In Chrome > Go to Shortcut. In the “Target” field, type “ignore-certificate errors” after chrome.exe.
  • Later click “Apply” and “Ok” to execute the saved changes.

ignore certificate errors from chrome properties

  • Restart your browser.

Few Don’ts:

The below factors are not advisable so, if possible, avoid these solutions.

  • Don’t disable firewall/anti-virus software (HTTPS scanning feature)
  • Don’t ignore browser warnings
  • Don’t treat insecure origins as a secured option

If these solutions need to be implemented to fix the ERR_Certificate_Transparency_Required error, ensure to restore them to their default position once the required site is visited.

Wrapping Up:

Using SSL certificates for site security have their pros and cons. SSL errors can sometimes give a headache, but their benefits always weigh higher.

It is the best web security solution for protecting your site and customer data against scammers. Ensure to purchase your SSL certificate from a reliable source like reputed certificate authorities or resellers like CheapSSLShop.

All the certificates issued from CheapSSLShop are constantly added to the respective transparency logs so that you never face the ERR_Certificate_Transparency_Required error.

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