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An SSL Certificate secures digital infrastructure by using cryptographic keys and mathematical algorithms which encrypt the data transfer between a client and a server.

But sometimes, some network intrusions can cause varied SSL errors. ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT error is one of the types of SSL errors that can spoil your day.



Err_SSL_Bad_Record_Mac_Alert error is a Chrome error that prevents users from accessing legit and genuine websites. Though these sites are trusted and legit and are secured with an SSL certificate, this irritating error occurs due to varied other reasons which may not be related to data transfers.

Finding the root cause of this error may be a tough call, and hence fixing the same can be a time-consuming process. However, this technical glitch can be resolved by visiting other legit sites like or If the same error is visible on other legit sites, it confirms some problem from the client-side, which needs fixation.

Before moving to the solutions for fixing the error, let us check out a few common causes.


While inspecting this error, I found multiple causes which may trigger the same. They are:

  • Third-party anti-virus software is messing with the HTTPS protocol (SSL certificate).
  • The Chrome browser is outdated.
  • The router’s Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) value is incompatible with the network configuration.
  • The Operating System is not updated.

Each of the above issues needs to be addressed one at a time till the error is resolved. Go for the below-mentioned troubleshooting solutions to fix the Err_SSL_Bad_Record_Mac_Alert error.

Solutions to Fix Err_SSL_Bad_Record_Mac_Alert Error:

#1. Update your Operating System (OS):

A majority of the issues are caused by using outdated operating systems, and a single solution for the same is to update the OS. However, if your operating system is not updated regularly, it may trigger the error mentioned above or any other SSL errors.

Since these updates patch up security loopholes and other glitches, it’s pivotal to keep your OS updated at all times.

Steps to Update the OS:

  • In Windows, go to Search bar > Type “Settings.”
  • In Settings > Click “Updates and Security” Option
  • Later click “Download and Install’ Option

update os

  • Restart your computer post the update process.

Note:  Enable the auto-update mode for Windows to automatically update the OS regularly.

#2. Update Google Chrome:

After updating the OS, if the error still exists, the second important step is to update your Chrome browser.


  • Click the 3 vertical dots on the upper-right hand corner.
  • Click More > Go to “Update,” click and commence the update process.
  • After your Chrome update is complete, restart your computer and check if the error is eliminated or not.

Note: Many users may notice the absence of the Update option. This signifies that the Chrome browser is already updated to date.


For Status Check of Chrome:

Click the 3 dots > “Help” > click “About Google Chrome.” If your browser is up to date, your browser will display the below image.

status check of chrome

#3. Disable HTTPS (hyper-text transfer protocol secure) from Third-Party Anti-Virus Settings:

A recent download of third-party anti-virus software can trigger Err_SSL_Bad_Record_Mac_Alert error. The occurrence of the error post the software download process signifies that the software is causing the issue, and hence addressing the same becomes an easy fix.

Anti-virus software is used to prevent, detect, scan, and delete viruses from computers, and hence its settings should not be modified. In addition, this software also inspects HTTPS sites, thus safeguarding your systems against cyber-attacks.

But to fix the error, it is advisable to disable the HTTPS inspection since it blocks some legit sites. However, deactivating HTTPS inspection from the anti-virus settings is a risky solution. Once done, it is preferred to avoid HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol) sites completely for security reasons.

In most of the cases, this issue is fixed by stopping the software from HTTPS inspection.

Tip: Once the desired site is displayed, you can change the settings back to their original form, i.e., activate the HTTPS inspection for safeguarding your computer against scammers.

#4. Stop Utilizing Advanced Streaming Detection:

Using Killer NIC (Network Interface Card) can also trigger the above-stated error since it interferes with varied modules and causes errors in site display.


  • Open the Killer NIC Control Panel > Go to Settings > Disable the “Advanced Stream Detect” option.
  • Restart the computer and check for error resolution.

killer nic control panel

#5. Uninstall Speed Boosting Applications:

The application for speed boost gives a lot of importance to data packets for hiking the internet speed and may sometimes display this SSL error.

The best solution is to uninstall the application for boosting speed, restart the computer and check if the error is resolved or not.

Note: This may affect your internet speed, thus making it slow.

#6. Modify your Router’s MTU to 1400:

One more solution that works for most of the public is to modify the router’s MTU value to 1400.

Though the steps for the same differ based on the manufacturer, a few common steps are:

  • Enter the router login address by launching the web browser. Usually, the router’s default Ips are or
  • Type these default IPs in the URL. Go to your router’s settings and checkout for any Network, Advanced, or WAN  settings that permit you to modify the MTU Size.

Generally, the same is visible in the WAN Setup in the Advanced menu.

  • Change the MTU size to 1400 and later click Save.
  • Restart your router and try to access the site displaying the error.

#7. Add the Troublesome Site to the Trusted List:

If you are facing problems with specific sites only, it’s advisable to add them to the legit site list.


  • In Cortana’s search box > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Go to Internet Options.
  • Click the Security Tab > Go to Trusted Sites > Click Sites.
  • Type the site address of the site displaying the error in the “Add this site to the zone” box, and later click Add.
  • Open the website after finishing this process.

add the troublesome site to the trusted list

#8. Set the Windows Time to Automatic Mode:

Many errors occur due to incorrect time on the computer clock, which is resolved once the correct time is set. To fix any errors, the time must be switched to Automatic mode.


  • Right-click the date and time displayed on the lower-right side of your computer.
  • Go to Adjust Date and Time and select the option “Set time automatically.” Toggle it to “On” mode.
  • Restart your computer.

Wrapping Up:

If the error is still unresolved even after implementing the aforementioned solutions, go for the Restoro Repair Tool. This tool fixes system and computer issues by scanning the corrupt and compromised files and repairs and reverses the damages by replacing these files.

Go for the solutions suggested in this article, and eliminate the Err_SSL_Bad_Record_Mac_Alert error from your Chrome browser.

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