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How to Generate CSR for Zeus Server?

SSL certificate is inevitable security protocol that any SMBs or enterprise cannot ignore for their website security, email security, or server security. SSL encrypts the mail or server communication with 256-bit encryption and keeps outsiders away from transmitting data. SSL certificate can be installed on a server to secure the website by displaying sign of green padlock and HTTPS URL in address bar.

Owing to lack of security, the transactions or data transfer between end user and the server will remain exposed for attackers and they can take advantage of it. In this short information, we will talk about CSR generation process on Zeus web server.

About Zeus Server:

Zeus web server was developed by Zeus technology, which was commonly used for UNIX and other platforms like Solaris, FreeBSD, and HP-UX. As well the server was used for hardware benchmark SPECwe99, (manage standard set for computer’s performance benchmark). Zeus server also supports CGI, FastCGI, Apache JSer, Zeus Distributed Authentication and Content (ZDAC).

SSL Installation follows two parts: Generation of the CSR (certificate signing request) and SSL installation. Let us review the process of CSR generation.

Generation of the CSR:

    • Successfully create the CSR, you should first log in to Zeus web server.
    • Here, you will find SSL certificates under Admin section, just click on the given link.

select ssl certificate on zeus web server

    • You will have “Creating Certificate Set” section in which you just need to click “Create” button for new certificate creation.

select ssl certificate on zeus web server

    • On next screen, you will have three options in which you can select “Create a self-signed certificate“, “Buy a certificate from Digicert” (from Digicert SSL Certificate) or “Buy a Certificate from another Certifying Authority” (Simply hover your mouse on SSL Brands at navigation bar). Now, click on OK button.

choose ssl certificate vendor

    • Next, there are fields for CSR generation (organization name, organization unit, state, country code, server address, key size, etc.) for which you have to give details.

Generate CSR on Zeus web server

  • After filling details, click on OK button.
  • Finally, your CSR is generated.
  • Just copy and paste the CSR including BEGIN and END tags in a plain text. Your generated CSR will be used during the SSL certificate order.

By following above steps you have successfully generated CSR for Zeus Web Server. In Our next article we will discuss on SSL certificate Installation Process on Zeus Server.

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