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How to Generate CSR on Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 server

Citrix server is based on ICA (Independent Computer Architecture), WinFrame technologies, as well delivers windows applications to PCs, Apple Mac computers, UNIX workstations using Microsoft Terminal services to enable users to access windows OS programs. You can successfully communicate over the Citrix server using SSL certificate.

Before installing SSL, it is necessary to generate the CSR (certificate signing request) and for that, you can follow below steps:

You need to create a key pair for CSR generation and these keys should be kept with carefully. In case public or private key is lost, you may find difficulty.

  1. To generate the CSR with “Certificate Requester Generator” browse “Administrative tool”.
  2. Go to Administrative tool and click on the Access Gateway Cluster tab.
  3. Now, click on Certificate signing request tab and provide all details.
  4. generate csr citrix access gateway

    • Common name:
    • Organization name: The registered name of a company
    • Organization Unit: The name of organization unit that is responsible
    • Location or City: The city name where the organization is located
    • State/Province: The state name where the organization is situated
    • Key Length: 2048-bit
    • Country Name: First two letter of country code for example, US or CA

    Note: In Access Gateway FQDN field, you need to place FQDN (fully qualified domain name). In case of wildcard, you need to put asterisk (for example: *

  5. Now, enter a password for private key.
  6. Finally, click on “Generate Request” for CSR generation and save it on the server.

The generated CSR will be used while ordering SSL certificate. Visit our next article to know how to .