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How to Install SSL Certificate on Zeus Server?

In the previous article, we understood How to generate CSR on Zeus Server. Now we are going to discuss on SSL certificate Installation Process on Zeus Server.

Kindly follow the below steps properly to get your certificate installed on Zeus Web Server.

Install SSL certificate on Zeus server:

Once you enroll for an SSL certificate, the SSL provider will send you three files (primary certificate, intermediate certificate, and root certificate). You just have to copy all text of these files into a single text file and save it on your server. It will look like this:


(Your Primary SSL certificate: yourdomainname.crt)



(Your Intermediate certificate: certificateauthority.crt)



(Your Root certificate: root.crt)


Now, log in to the Zeus web server, select SSL certificate on the left side under Admin section,

select ssl certificate zeus web server

You will have a certificate set, under the Signing Actions column, select ‘Generate CSR’ or ‘Replace Certificate’.

generate csr zeus web server

Now, you can see the certificate box where you have to copy the text from the saved text editor and paste it into the box.

Click on the Ok button.

signed certificate box zeus web server

Click on the “Accept this Certificate” button in the “Verifying the New certificate” label.

accept this certificate zeus web server

Now, assign the certificate to the website for that, click on Home button on the left side.

Tick the box that is near your domain name and click on Configure button.

virtual server status zeus web server

You are now on the new screen showing the SSL configuration summary in which you need to enable SSL.

ssl enable zeus web server

Tick mark the “SSL is enabled” box and on the same screen, select the certificate name from the “select an SSL certificate set to use” drop-down menu.

ssl is enabled zeus web server

Apply changes and restart the webserver.

After installing the SSL certificate on the Zeus web server, you need to check with SSL installation checker that will give an idea about its proper configuration issue (if any).

Our support team is always ready to help you in any difficulty happen between SSL certificate selections to SSL certificate Installation Process.

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