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How to solve insecure Login Warning from Firefox and Chrome?

Most users are not aware that they are dealing with a website that has an insecure login page and to crack this issue down, Firefox and Chrome have made an initiative by offering a warning against insecure login pages in their newest browser version.

To make the cyber world safer from hackers, these steps were awaited by the browser industry. This welcoming step will reduce data snooping, data interception, and data modification by spreading awareness among the users.

Firefox# 51 Update:

Firefox is circulating cognizance to the users by showing a broken padlock icon. It indicates the padlock with a red strike and users can click on it to show a message that login information is at risk and serving over HTTP instead of HTTPS.

However, there will be no warning for any credit card details, which is believed to be coming in the next version.

Mozilla Firefox 51 insecure warning

Chrome# 56 Update:

Chrome#56 browser update is one-step ahead of Firefox update and will show a warning against the credit card or password field that is running over HTTP.

The update says that the webpage and the form of login should be served over HTTPS and it will show a green padlock.

Chrome#56 is also brought an update for Android users and they will have (i) symbol in the address bar for insecure credit card or password details.

However, iOS future version is also planning to provide the same insecure warning but it is not yet finalized.

Google Chrome 56 insecure warning

Chrome#57 Update:

The new update on Chrome-57 is hard for those who are remained with HTTP sites. It is time to change the login form on your website if it is still on HTTP.

Because your users will get a warning, “Login not secure”. The warning indicates that login credentials that users are entering on is having an insecure login page. The chrome version is released in March 2017. Google wants to bring awareness to users about online security.

Google Chrome 57 insecure warning

Firefox# 52 Update:

Like Google Chrome, Firefox came with yet another update version number #52. This new update will show “This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised.” warning just under the username and password box.

This is something that was clearly expected from the leading browser Firefox. Such an initiative will surely help users to stay away from insecure login pages. By neglecting these warnings users are inviting unwanted threats.

Mozilla Firefox 52 insecure warning

Are you a website owner and want to get rid of such warning messages?

Newbie website owners may not aware, how to solve these warnings from the browser and allow users to log in securely without any interruption. Websites should get a valid SSL certificate to solve remove this error message from the browsers.

Data entered by the users on the HTTPS page will be delivered safely to the server. Browse SSL Certificates prices and get an appropriate certificate for your website.

Finally, Google and Firefox are indicating a secure future for internet users who daily use login forms on many websites. Hackers can steal users’ credentials and may misuse them.

To prevent such harmful activities, these steps are a welcoming message for all users. Hope other popular browsers will also raise their hands like these two giants and provide utmost security to the users.


Insecure login can drag users into a fraud where attackers can steal information and may extend to loss of money by creating fake phishing pages. Chrome and Firefox with this step want to alert users to beware of such insecure login pages.

With the advanced cybercrime, browser authorities are now getting attention on users’ privacy and security and these updates are part of this journey. And if this is not the end, users will be getting new features in upcoming years to make the internet a secure place.

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