Ultimate Guide to Use EV SSL Certificate to Secure Your Multiple Domains

ev ssl for domains protection

Can I use EV SSL certificate on multiple domains? You totally can use one EV SSL certificate for multiple domains. Here is a complete guide. 

A metaphor for the SSL certificates that can be used is – TRUST and SECURITY – One of the best ways to turn your address bar green and offer security to your e-commerce business, from all the malicious and phishing activities.

These certificates come in varied forms and subdivisions depending on the kind of online business you are into and offer certification for single and multiple subdomains. An EV SSL Certificate is a demand certificate, which is cheap and is developed to avert phishing attacks better than the normal SSL certificates.

What is an EV SSL Certificate?

To simply put, as mentioned in the above paragraph, Extended Validation SSL Certificates are the kind of SSL Certificate, which is proposed to offer users better confidence with a legally verified entity, in turn, building trust and security. The Green bar is the authenticity that builds trust with Extended Validation SSL certificates!

Depending on the needs and validation of single and multiple domains, there are different kinds of EV SSL certificates installed for e-commerce businesses.

Keep reading –

EV SSL Validation Process

Wondering what is so special about the EV SSL Certificate. Read the validation process below:

The security levels are high as the installation and the validation process is extensive for single or multiple domains with EV SSL certificates. For this reason before installing EV SSL certificate, verifying that your organization is legally registered or not is prudent. Also, the address and phone number of your organization should be verified. Furthermore, verification of your company’s exclusive right to use the domain that is specified in the EV Certificate is also crucial. Lastly, a check on your organization’s authenticity and any government blacklist records are imperative to know. Hence, owing to the extensive validation process it often takes some time to get your EV SSL certificate.

Although, all the SSL certificates are great in terms of offering secure web pages for the online business, but there are some that are cheap and highly proficient in security operations.

In a survey, it is indicated that, 99.9% of the entire internet population trust SSL certificates and their root certificates that are embedded in the browsers for safe transactions.

Which is the best and cheap EV SSL certificate for multiple domains?

It depends upon the requirement of an SSL buyer. If a buyer has multiple domains and wants EV SSL then he should go with Multi-domain Extended Validation SSL. In the opposition scenario, he should go with a single domain EV SSL.

EV certificates are an idyllic solution for start-ups; medium and even big-sized businesses that handle a single website even multi-domains.

However, often people feel that they are pricey, let us break this myth by learning more –

Single EV SSL:

If you go with a single EV SSL then it will secure a single domain like domain.com except for any additional domains and sub-domains. Your website will have a green padlock with a green address bar that will show your website’s credibility and will assure customers that the authority has performed the highest validation process before issuing the certificate.

EV certificates that secure a single domain at an affordable price:-

Comodo EV SSL certificate – Comodo EV SSL gives full security to the e-commerce business by driving more assuring website traffic to your website. It offers 2048-bit strong security, a Green bar, a warranty, a trust seal, and a refund policy. This is one of the cheapest EV SSL certificate available in the market, grab your EV certificate at just $65.00 per year. What is more to ask for!

Thawte SSL Webserver EV Certificate – It is an EV SSL certificate that offers higher-level security than single domain validation certificate for websites. This is the cheapest SSL certificate and so, it entices the SSL seekers to procure it for their website security with 256-bit encryption. It has an automated application process; hence, the buyer gets the highest validation. You will get a free trust seal and you need to submit organization and legal documents to authority for validation.

Good part is that it can secure both non-www and www version of your website. Learn more about Thawte SSL Webserver with EV.

GeoTrust True BusinessID EV SSL – It is full of money-saving certificates, which is conveniently issued to secure an effusive qualified one-domain name (www or non-www) with 2048-bit CSR and 256-bit encryption. The domain verification process is quite simple here; all you need is to follow the process with needed business and legal documentation. It also comes with a secured site seal for trusted online transactions. Visit here, if you wish to know more about GeoTrust EV SSL.

EV Multi-Domain SSL:

If you are running a business that has multiple domains and you have the desire for the highest validation certificate along with the green address bar, then EV multi-domain SSL can fulfill your desire. Let us see an example of this certificate.

You can secure any domain with EV Multi-Domain Certificate, for example, see below;

  • www.domain.com
  • mail.domain.com
  • blog.domain.com
  • www.domain.net
  • www.domain.co.uk
  • www.bizdomain2.com
  • www.bizdomain3.us
  • www.exbuisnessdomain.com

Let us explore a few EV certificates that secure multi-domains at an affordable price:-

GeoTrust Multi-Domain EV SSL – This is one of the best EV certificates to secure multiple domains at a very competitive price. It is configured and created to manage the long-term needs of your online business. GeoTrust multi-domain offers 99% browser support, eventually making your website secure. You will have a green bar with additional domain name support that will save your extra money. SSL buyer has to submit documents related to the legal existence and identity of business with verified operational existence.

This is a pocket-friendly certificate that can help you secure your sites with different variants. This certificate comes with salient features such as – robust encryption, quick issuance, free site seal, 2048-bit root certificate, and much more. GeoTrust EV Multi-Domain is the affordable option to secure your multiple sites with a single certificate.

Why Wildcard is Not Possible With EV?

Extended Validation SSL cannot come with wildcard features because EV SSL requires authentication of each domain that contains in certificate while wildcard secures unlimited sub-domains under a single SSL so the rest of subdomains do not require any validation.

Extended Validation SSL checks the identity status of SSL seeker so there should be no fraudulent issuance possible with an EV SSL certificate.

Certificate authorities have to follow all the CA/B regulations in order to issue any certificate.

Yes, there is an option to get organization validation for wildcard SSL certificate but nobody can get EV SSL for i.e. *.domain.com.

At last:

Hope this article suffices your needs for choosing the cheapest EV SSL certificate for your Multiple domains. So next, when you wish to get an EV certificate for your domain, do consider reading the above article.

Be safe and Be happy!

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