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Importance of HTTPS in Mobile Application

Mobile development has replaced web-based application nowadays. With the advent of mobile app, there are security threats associated with them and to overcome such threats HTTPS security is required. In case of a Mobile application, Code Signing Certificate can be helpful security that can give surety of code integrity and confirms software publisher’s identity.

HTTPS ensures users about software and application’s authenticity. Mobile application security is something that an organization should not ignore.

With the advent of the newest technology the drift now has been shifted to mobile development which was concentrated more on web-based applications. Mobile app development is a wonderful technique of software development where the basic fundamental concept is derived from mobile itself. The main thing is that creating and working on various mobile applications that will finally run on a platform that is a mobile operating system is principally termed as mobile apps development.

Mobile Apps are like a revolution that has changed the face of website development and software industries. The tech world has today shifted to creating brilliant and user-friendly mobile applications for the user’s convenience and needs. For developing a business, a company should have a website and also a mobile application that helps in increasing brand awareness and sales.

Another overview, When we are talking about mobile application security, that should not be ignored. With the growing change in the technology, threats and malicious activities are also growing thus it becomes very important for an organization to work on security parameters while developing a mobile application.

Considering these factors, companies create mobile responsive websites that mean mobile-friendly in all the technical stuff. For this SSL certificate installation and highest standard of security is what you need.

Assuming that you must be aware of HTTPS, many organizations today are working hard on the latest technologies to beat the cyber attacks and threats considering mobile security as the key.

Now, Trusted SSL certificate enables HTTPS to offer better encryption to mobile application’s data.

http in mobile application

Why is Mobile Application Security important?

When working with mobile application online, it’s very important to make sure that all your data is safe and secure. This implies to those who are dealing in digital crypto currency like Bitcoin. But, with a compromised SSL certificate and connection, the hacker could play with all your controls and the chances of your data to be stolen are high. Just to quote an example here – Back in January in 2017,  Ariel Sanchez from IOActive talked about 40 different iOS banking apps. The research said that approximately 40% of the apps were having via HTTPS without validating the certificates at all. So, now you know how big the security threat it is?

Have a look at some of the security tips to download Mobile Application Safely

  • Whenever you use Mobile App for online transactions, never use it unless you know these applications are trusted & safe.
  • You should have installed Mobile Security App on your smartphone to avoid possible security threats.
  • In case you use mobile banking apps, make sure that you connected with a VPN for enhanced security and for your peace of mind.

Threats Associated with Mobile App Security

At the very first stage, identity thefts, threats, phishing, data trafficking and sniffing because these are some very scary words that can put your entire data at risk for no reason at all. These are very scary words and can risk the data transmitted to your laptop, desktop or a Smartphone device. Embryonic threats around the user’s systems make them induce over their individual online security. What happens here is, when people moves from their huge desktop and laptops to a stylish and handy Smartphone, the software developers and the companies had to give consideration to the Smartphone security.

If we look at the security incidents that have taken place in the companies, then you will see that mobile banking security has become a very serious issue.

For better understanding let’s take an example of shopping websites – those have a major concern about mobile security because a maximum of them have mobile applications. IT Web has researched and has received the response from 180 people in different organizations out of they have got some statistics, where 13% was business development managers while 53% were in IT department employees and the rest 9% were projected managers.

The organizations that were part of the survey were from the industries like – finance, information technology, utilities, telecom, constructions, etc.

To grab your attention we have brought the crux of the findings of mobile security:

  • 29% respondents said that there are no sufficient steps to take care of rising mobile security risks.
  • 80% of the mobile security accidents or hacking takes place due to stolen information and data.
  • 56% considered that the security weak spots are accountable for future attacks.
  • 36% said that the acquiescence in violation is treated as a major security concern.
  • Android software is a great risk for the corporate security and threats – this came out from the respondents.

This survey depicts a whole lot of things about mobile security awareness and threats that are very crucial to take into consideration.

Rely on HTTPS for your Mobile Application Security

Yes, it is true; HTTPS can save you from the threats and will improve data security. Just make a HTTPS request and the rest of the job is very easy which is executed by the developers. If you want to customize the HTTP request, then you can cast to an HttpURLConnection. This Android documentation will further help you in dealing with requests and responses like – posting content, headers, managing cookies, caching responses, using proxies and so on.

Hence, look for HTTPS; it is the right solution for your mobile application and an effective idea to simplify your every step towards the online safety. An SSL certificate certainly ensures customers and visitors’ that mobile app is safe and secure. Here a single suffixed “S” is an amazing security feature that is value added for the people who do an online transactions from mobile applications. Therefore, it is levelheaded to get SSL/TLS certificate for the websites whether these web pages are visited via laptop, desktop or smartphone of any version. Mostly all the browsers recognizes the green padlock, and the HTTPS feature in the address bar that shows the enhanced security for the website, thus making your mobile application secure.

Before we wrap up, consider some points on how to secure a website and mobile application with HTTPS:

The mandate is to use an SSL Certificate
Many website owners favor SSL installation for secure checkout pages. Hackers can easily target unencrypted web pages whether it is a log-in form, product page, or account checkout page. Here, use the SSL stripping technique, where the attackers gain control over the unencrypted web pages that can risk the website.

Employ All The Modern Protocols
Archaic security protocols are not satisfied in today hard running risk scenario; thus, it is sensible to update the protocols on timely basis.

Monitor the Mobile App issues and Accurately Mitigate
Regular monitoring Mobile App is very important that will develop your customer’s trust and will also keep the data secure. Once you install Mobile Application, check that the App is fully secure against possible threats and injection attacks.

To sum up, online security is a chiefly important for the customers and for the website owners. Thus SSL and HTTPS are the simplest way to en-cash the security features and highest level of security connections worldwide.

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