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Install SSL on Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 server

After the , you need to install SSL certificate. You will receive zip file in email that contains root, intermediate and primary certificate that needs to be saved on the server.

Install Primary Certificate:

  1. You will receive zip file (containing primary certificate) in email from SSL provider. Now, extract the primary certificate file and copy the content of these files into a notepad including BEGIN and END tags. Save this file as .crt extension for example, mydomain.crt
  2. Sample below:

    [SSL Certificate]
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    [CA Certificate]
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    [CA Certificate]
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  3. Now, Browse Access Gateway cluster >> Administration tab
  4. Under secure certificate management section, click Browse to upload .crt signed certificate.

  5. install ssl citrix access gateway

  6. After uploading certificate file, click General Networking tab.
  7. In FQDN field, under Interface 0, you have to type the IP address or FQDN on which the certificate was registered.
  8. Your certificate is now installed.

You can test installed certificate with SSL installation checker that will give in-depth details of certificate like certificate key size, issuer, server type, serial number, etc. If the SSL is not properly installed, it will highlight the issue so you can take prompt action.

Install Root and Intermediate Certificate:

  1. Download root and intermediate certificate received in zip file, extract the file, copy the content of both certificates and paste in notepad, save it as intermediate_root.crt
  2. Browse the Access Gateway Cluster >> Administration tab
  3. Under Secure Certificate Management section, click on Manage next to Manage trusted root certificates.

  4. install root and intermediate certificate on citrix access gateway

  5. Now, upload trusted root certificate by locating intermediate_root.crt file
  6. Click Open to complete the installation.