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Install SSL on F5 Network’s FirePass SSL VPN

install ssl on f5 network

After the CSR is generated for F5 Network, you need to install SSL certificate on F5 FirePass SSL VPN. The process is as follows.

  1. Your SSL provider will send you an email with zip file containing primary certificate, you have to download and extract the file. Copy the content of the file and paste in a notepad file (which will look as under) and save it on the server.
    (Your Primary SSL certificate: yourdomainname.crt)
    (Your Intermediate certificate: certificateauthority.crt)
    (Your Root certificate: root.crt)
  3. Open F5 FirePass panel, and browse Device Management >> Security >> certificates
  4. In Renew/Replace SSL Server Certificate tab, click Install.
  5. You will have ‘Add new Certificate’ box below where you need to copy and paste the detail of your primary certificate.
  6. Again, in following empty box copy and paste the private key generated during CSR process.
  7. Paste the root and intermediate certificate file content in this given box.
  8. Click on Go button. Your SSL is installed now.

To verify SSL installation, you can test it with SSL installation checker that will give you detailed idea about installation errors (if any). The checker will give you an idea about certificate details like certificate serial number, server type, expiry date, certificate issuer and other information.