Migrate Your WordPress Website to HTTPS

migrate your wordpress website to https

Enable HTTPS to WordPress website or blog that keeps the site secured as well benefits to search engine ranking. After the announcement by Google, HTTPS sites will have better ranking compare to HTTP site.

HTTP websites will have insecure warning and users will move away from the site. It will result into less conversions and profit.

Are you running a WordPress blog or website? Are you looking for better SERPs on Google and other search engines? If yes, you might have heard about SSL Certificate as well. Google announced recently, that Google will now push organic search ranking for SSL secured websites.

Now the time has come to give your visitors a safer environment on your website and join Google’s initiative of Safer Internet.

To join this initiative, you should also have to get SSL on your website. Now the next question would be where to get the cheapest price SSL certificate for your site? Before buying SSL for your site, you will consider few points like its price, seller, authority. You do not need bother anymore because you have arrived at the exact place. Just browse our website and choose most appropriate certificate for your website. CheapSSLShop.com is an authorized reseller of leading certificate authorities like Digicert, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, Comodo and GlobalSign.

Compare SSL certificates price and features before buying it. Before moving to installation let us check short description on SSL Certificate types.

There are several types of SSL certificates according to enterprise demand, which are as follows:

  • Domain Validation: It is a basic type of certificate available at cheap rate and does not require organization proof documents or lengthy procedure. It only verifies the domain ownership and offers strong encryption.
  • Organization Validation: It is a bit of complex certificate compare to domain validation. It requires business authentication documents and offers standard encryption. Web site visitors can put trust on such organization as they can verify its legitimacy by clicking on a lock icon.
  • Extended Validation: Extended Validation bestows highest validation and trust with a green address bar. Many payment websites, financial institutions, banks prefer to use this certificate to ensure their visitors and customers about their online transactions.

Moving your WordPress Website from HTTP to HTTPS:

Now, let move to second and most important topic of the day, HTTPS migration of the website. Here, I have explained how to migrate a WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Activate SSL on WordPress Website:

(Hosted on Apache Server having Cpanel Control Panel)

A majority of WordPress websites runs on shared-hosting servers. So let immediately know how to proceed,

You should have enabled SSL on shared hosting server via control panel. Contact your hosting provider to enable SSL from control panel.

You have to follow the below steps to active SSL and obtain CSR from your hosting provider:

  • Login to control panel, and click on SSL/TLS Manager


  • You will find a link beneath CSR (Certificate Signing Request)


  • Fill the form for the required domain name and click on the Generate button.

generate csr

  • After that, your CSR will generated and look like as under.

encoded csr

  • Find suitable SSL for your website, browse different SSL brands on CheapSSLShop, and select the certificate that is ideal for your business requirement.


  • After selecting the proper certificate, click on Buy/Renew button.


  • Select the validity and quantity and click on the “continue” button for further proceed.


  • Provide your basic details like full name, company name, address, phone number, email address. Now, select the payment method and click on the checkout button.


  • After submitting the order, you will get an SSL certificate sent to you in email. If the certificate is in a text file, then convert it into .CRT file and upload it to the server.

email copy

Steps to Install the SSL Certificate:

Until now, to install SSL on the server, you need a dedicated IP address assigned to your control panel account. Currently, SNI (server name indication) is used as an extension of SSL certificate that permits you to manage multiple certificates for multiple websites on a single IP address.

  • In control panel SSL/TLS Manager section, click on the link provided under certificates.
  • Upload the certificate or paste it in the selected area.
  • Click on the link given under “Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)” and activate your SSL certificate.
  • Choose the domain from the list. Click the “Autofill by Domain”, and at last, click the “Install Certificate button”.
  • At last, just login to your WordPress dashboard. Follow setting >> General and make sure that address URL and Site URL starts with HTTPS. To enable default SSL in WordPress, browse “wp-config.php” file and set the value to “True”.


At Last, it is sensible to move your WordPress website from HTTP to HTTPS for better security purposes.

To avoid data sniffing and data theft, HTTPS is an essential part of web security and the customer can perform online transactions in a secure environment.

It also bestows content integrity and data protection over the web.

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