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Network Security – Simplify IT and Lower Overhead Cost

network securityIn this ever changing cyber world, Network security requires constant monitoring and expects diligence to keep your network secure.


Hackers have been targeting giant corporate by infiltrating their network loopholes. As these advances happen, it can be difficult to keep up-to-date on all of the latest changes.

To maintain usability, reliability, integrity, and safety of a network, IT department should consider few tasks and trends.

Here are the 8 practical network security advances that have been made recently.

Mobile Users Endanger Companies

One of the more surprising trends is the amount of people doing work on the go. While it may not be surprising for working professionals, there is a significant shift in the working dynamic. Now, your employees can log in to their accounts from any location. With that being said, it is important that you remind them to use VPN’s, or Virtual Private Networks. This takes the employees information safe and shields it from outside attacks.

If they are purchasing on behalf of the company, or even accessing their email, it is important that they use a VPN to ensure no hackers can glean information from their session.

Targeted Attacks and APT’s

When someone thinks of a targeted attack, some will think of the company entirely; however, this is not often the case. An advanced persistent threat could be a former employee who knew the log-in details of some higher priority servers. This means that they will target lower and work their way up. Your employees are both your greatest assets and biggest threats.

If a former employee knows the habits of an employee that does not always log out, has a simple password, or even sends personal emails, that person is the weak link in your company.

A hacker will always go to the link that requires the least amount of work to accomplish their goals.

BYOD Companies Are Common Targets

Bring Your Own Device is as useful as it is dangerous. When your employees can bring their computers, smartphones, and tablets, it reduces the overall cost for the company, as it does not need to supply these resources. However, many people run their devices with outdated programs with patches that have never been applied.

They also may not have a good anti-virus, and when they access your company servers, their flaws may open that virus to your entire network. Needless to say, ensure you list your BYOD policy clearly and include how, when, and what devices are good to use.

Cloud Application Are Targeted

With everyone wanted to access files remotely, many businesses will think that the cloud is the perfect solution. While it can be, it can also leave you open to attack. Ensure that all information you are passing back and forth from the cloud is encrypted and secure.

Also, make sure that your passwords to these applications are unique, and only the people who need the files, have access to them.

Malware Is Specializing

As technology has advanced, so have the hackers. Now, programs are being designed to target specific groups, from consumers to businesses, and will have a different set of tasks that will be performed.

Malware can simply lie in the background and report data to the creator, or it can change the codes, reroute money, or even leak passwords and credit information to anyone looking for it.

Standard Firewalls Are Not Enough

One of the most disturbing trends is that most of the malware expected to be released in the coming years, especially around the holidays, are exploiting old systems. That means that if you have older systems, including computers, networks, firewalls and anti-virus, you still may not be protected.

It means that you must make an effort for data security. Remember to have your IT team constantly updating and testing your defenses.

Windows XP Is Being Targeted

After living for 12 long years, Windows XP will no longer be supported. This means that the security patches that we have come to love are going away. This also means that hackers will be able to exploit the system and hack into the computer itself. It is easy to take control of a computer and access it remotely, steal data from the hard drive and more by using developer options.

This means it is time to invest in updating your computer operating systems to a more current, supported version.

The Backdoor is Being Opened

There is an unsettling trend where hackers can access many free programs that may look harmless, or even provide massive benefits to companies, and putting in malicious codes.

Hacker now has a way to enter into your system by downloading the program; they also have the code running and collecting all of the information that has not been encrypted.


Taking measures and gauging about changing trends of network security, IT department can simplify the IT operations and further reduce organization’s overheads. Protecting your company does not have to be hard.

With network security changing every morning, it is a good idea to have someone dedicated to keeping your team informed and secure even when the slightest changes happen.

It is better to be prepared early, and not be hacked and prevent your company from going down.

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