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Protect your Ecommerce site from Hacking and Fraud

protect ecommerce site from hacking and fraud
It has become very important these days for the owners of eCommerce websites to protect their websites from any type of hacking and fraud.

There have been many instances in recent times in which either the customers or the website owners have fallen prey to various types of hacks and frauds.

For example, a hacker can steal the credit card information of a customer without his knowledge and use the customer’s credit card details in the wrong way. As an ecommerce website owner, it is important to know how to protect your customers and in turn, you must know how to protect your website.

Around 15 ways or methods can be used to protect your eCommerce website from hacks and frauds.

Tips to Protect your eCommerce Site from Hacking & Fraud

You must choose an Ecommerce platform that is quite secure

Your Ecommerce website must be run on a secure and authenticated platform. This sophistication must be related to the programming language that is object-oriented. These days the Ecommerce platforms are the most secure ones according to many experts.

Many companies keep their admin panel on an internal server instead of an external server. These internal servers are equipped with two-way authentication to validate users with the internal network.

These authentication platforms are also a part of the secure platform.

A secure connection must be used for an online checkout

SSL Certificate helps to save the information from sniffing, phishing, data tampering. The eCommerce websites must strive hard to make their customers believe and trust in the security as well as protection of their customers. The eCommerce website must be kept very safe in order to protect sensitive information.

If your eCommerce website has no SSL, then the valuable information remains open to hackers. A secure and strong SSL authentication must be used for the purpose of data protection and for the web pages.

Sensitive data must not be stored

There is no valid reason that can be given for storing sensitive information related to the customers. This sensitive information can be related to the credit card information of the customers as well. Purge major databases from the server and keep minimal data.

There are different types of sensitive information that cannot be stored on the server that is harmful to the interest of your customers.

A card verification and an address system must be adopted

The address and a CVV verification process are very important. The process related to the verification must be adopted without any fail. This process can reduce the fraudulent as well as any malpractice charges.

A strict card verification process removes the fear of security and ensures a smooth transaction in near future.

The customer must be asked to enter strong passwords

Strong passwords can play a very important role as far as the security of the customers is concerned. It is the responsibility of the eCommerce website to protect the interests of the customers.

The passwords that a user enters must be very strong and it must include a variety of characters in order to make the password as complex as possible.

A system alert must be set up for any suspicious activity

A notice of alert must automatically be set up when multiple suspicious transactions are coming from a single IP address. This situation needs to be addressed by the experts because it can be a case of fraudulent behavior.

If a single customer tries to use multiple credit cards to purchase stuff from your eCommerce website, in that case, the recipient name and the cardholder name must be the same. If not, this can also be a case of fraudulent behavior.

The security must be layered and beefed up

Layers of security must be installed on the eCommerce website. The security must be installed in such a proper way. The layering of security can be said to be the best way to keep criminals and hackers away.

For example, the firewall is an ideal security layer that prevents outside malicious or suspicious traffic from entering the network.

There should be always an extra layer of security on websites and applications like search queries, login pages, contact forms.

The employees must be given sufficient training on security

If the employees are trained adequately, it will be very difficult for hackers to break in. The company should make them aware of sensitive information exposure, data breaches, hacking techniques, social media interactions, social engineering, cyber laws, and policy.

Any company that has trained and well-qualified employees can excel in any field and security is one of those fields.

A tracking order must be used for each and every order

A tracking order must be issued for every order your eCommerce website sends out. This is particularly very important for the retailers who face chargeback fraud where fraudulent shoppers can take advantage of chargeback payment in the wrong way after getting the product.

The site must be monitored regularly

The functioning of your website must be monitored on a regular basis. This can keep the third-party criminals away from your site when they come to know that they are being monitored. You must ensure that your hosting service provider monitors their servers for potential malware, virus, and vulnerabilities.

There are real-time analytical tools available in the market that instantly alerts the IT department about the ongoing suspicious activity. These tools make you aware of the interaction of visitors with your website.

A PCI scan must be conducted on a regular basis

A PCI scan must be performed on a regular basis. This type of scan can be performed by using various PCI scanning services that can lessen the vulnerability and the risk associated with Ecommerce websites.

Always patch third-party software to reduce potential risks and save your entire business from potential data breach or hacking.

The systems must be patched

Everything related to your Ecommerce website must be patched appropriately including Java, Perl, and Word Press. This is a major security measure and it must be undertaken appropriately.

The outdated version seems a boon for hackers and they can easily exploit them and causes damage to the entire business.

A DDoS protection and mitigation service must be adopted

Many experts have applauded this security measure as it has gained a lot of appreciation and acceptance in recent times. Ecommerce should think of cloud-based DDoS protection and well-managed DNS services as it is an ideal option for saving money after infrastructure and equipment.

Cloud-based protection can reduce operating costs as well as offers robust protection against the largest attacks.

Besides, a well-managed cloud-based DNS hosting service ensures the availability of the web-based system.

A fraud management service must also be taken into consideration

There are many fraud management services and chargeback management services provided by various experts and professionals.

They provide this service in such a manner that it becomes very difficult for frauds and hackers to enter your website illegally.

The person who is hosting your website must also be backing it up

This is also a very important thing to note. This step must be monitored and there is no type of practicality involved in this step. Either a website owner or a hosting service provider should take a regular backup, but it is recommended to take back-up by owner instead of hosting provider.

Make sure you monitor the host as regularly as possible.

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