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RapidSSL Certificate Authority Review

rapidssl certificate authority review

RapidSSL founded in 2003 is a worldwide SSL provider that aims to provide SSL certificates at the lowest possible cost. All SSL certificate types from RapidSSL target small businesses and individuals.

Who owns RapidSSL? is owned and operated by GeoTrust, Inc. In 2017, DigiCert has acquired GeoTrust(The parent company of RapidSSL).

The certificate authority deals with single domain and wildcard SSL certificate types. The roots of RapidSSL are having higher compatibility with browsers and operating systems.

RapidSSL CA Features:

  • Reputed Brand in the SSL industry
  • Single and Wildcard domain options
  • SHA-256 Algorithm
  • 2048-bit CSR key encryption
  • Domain Validation
  • Competitive Cost
  • Unlimited re-issuance
  • Unlimited server licenses

Types of RapidSSL Certificate:

RapidSSL as discussed above deals with RapidSSL standard certificate and RapidSSL wildcard certificate.

RapidSSL Certificate:

RapidSSL certificate is a single-domain SSL certificate that is renowned among secure small & medium-level businesses and individuals, forums, and blogs. The certificate follows the domain validation process and comes with modern encryption standards that keep flowing data intact between the server and the browser. RapidSSL certificate is one of the cheapest SSL certificates in the SSL industry and this is a reason that many entrants prefer it for their website security.

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RapidSSL does not require any legal documents to issue a certificate but only checks the WHOIS record and domain ownership through the email validation process and issues a certificate in a few minutes. A site owner can immediately convey to visitors about website security. Visitors will not be hesitated to deal with the site and share their private details on the site (login credentials, financial information).

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate:

RapidSSL Wildcard SSL certificate is a domain validation certificate that secures a primary domain and its first level of subdomains in a hierarchy. The certificate is popular among those medium and large businesses that carry multiple subdomains on a server. You can check the below example to understand RapidSSL wildcard SSL.

* (primary domain)

  • (subdomain)
  • (subdomain)
  • (subdomain)

RapidSSL wildcard secures data with SHA-256-bit encryption, which is the latest algorithm suggested by the CA/Browser Forum and the NIST. This certificate can be issued within a few minutes after the domain validation process.

A site owner does not need to spend an individual cost for adding each subdomain as a single wildcard certificate can cover all subdomains. It is a cost-saving certificate, and you can add subdomains without reissuing the current certificate.

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Top websites that use RapidSSL Certificates:

RapidSSL being a reputed brand in the SSL industry has provided website security to thousands of businesses. In the USA, RapidSSL is the 7th most famous certificate authority as it has secured more than 0.8 million websites. While in the top 1 million sites, RapidSSL stands at 10th position by securing more than 27K websites.

Benefits of Having RapidSSL Certificates:

Lower Cost: RapidSSL certificate is a low-cost SSL certificate. The price you may hardly find elsewhere. If you are a budget restriction, you can easily go with a RapidSSL certificate for single domain security or wildcard solution.

Say “NO” to Insecurity: RapidSSL certificate eliminates unwanted security warning for not having an SSL that usually displays due to an insecure website. With RapidSSL certificates, users will have an HTTPS and a secured site seal on the browser. Site visitors would like to deal with such a secured website.

Highest Compatibility: After Google’s initiative, all browsers have taken HTTPS seriously and root certificates of almost all certificate authorities are preinstalled. RapidSSL is one of them so, users will not find any insecure or incompatibility issues while browsing a website.

Data Security: SHA-2 encryption avoids any chance of data sniffing and MiTM attacks. Robust encryption allows data to travel smoothly without any spying between the server and the browser. Moreover, a 2048-bit CSR encryption assures strong root certificates.

Fast issuance: Businesses that want to provide immediate data security to their customers or visitors can go with RapidSSL certificates. Such certificates will not take much time in issuance hence, a site owner can install them on the server in a few minutes. Visitors can see security indicators like a secured padlock and HTTPS and will put trust in such sites.

Refund Policy: CheapSSLShop being a RapidSSL certificate provider offers a 30-days refund policy where a customer has to intimate us within 30 days of purchase of a product. A customer will be entitled to get full money for his purchase.

Free Warranty: In case of any mis-issuance of a certificate, RapidSSL provides a $10,000 warranty amount that will work as financial protection.  Hence, RapidSSL offers data as well as financial protection. However, RapidSSL takes care of the issuance of a certificate with proper validation of domain ownership.

WWW & non-WWW: RapidSSL certificate can work on both www and non-www domains so, a customer can access a website with both domains. No need to take a separate certificate.

RapidSSL Plans and Prices: RapidSSL certificate is one of the cheapest SSL Certificates. At, you can find both RapidSSL single domain and wildcard certificate at the lowest price.

rapidssl product

Few FAQs About RapidSSL:

Does RapidSSL offer organization Validation and Extended Validation?

Ans. No, RapidSSL only provides domain validation certificates suitable for startups, bloggers, forums, small businesses.

Does RapidSSL offer a static site seal or dynamic site seal?

Ans. RapidSSL offers a static site seal for both of its SSL certificates. A static site seal is an image that shows “secured by RapidSSL” that works as a trust indicator.

What is the maximum validity of a RapidSSL certificate?

Ans. RapidSSL certificate can be issued for 13 months after that, you need to reissue a certificate as per the CA/B forum guideline.

Conclusion on RapidSSL –

Finally, we can say that RapidSSL is a worth considering option for startup businesses and small businesses. RapidSSL does not let your pocket dry with higher prices.

RapidSSL is an ideal certificate for an entry-level business that wants strong security for their website but at an affordable cost.

So, just go with RapidSSL and secure your website today!!

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