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Reasons Why Businesses Need Cyber Security Awareness Training

Reasons Why Businesses Need Cyber Security Awareness Training

As technology advances and shifts from physical to digital, so does the type of theft. The main difference in physical threat is that the thief can be caught via visibility in surveillance cameras or through fingerprints, but in digital theft, catching the virtual thief is quite difficult.

In this cut-throat competition, the majority of the businesses focus on customers, their business operations, and customer service to expand their business. This allows cyber-criminals to look out for security lapses and pave their way into businesses and finances without setting off warning signals.

Cyber thieves are becoming more advanced, sophisticated, and smart, making it almost impossible to reach them. The damage is already done before it is even noticed. This makes cybersecurity awareness a very crucial and challenging factor for businesses.

Why Cyber Security Training is a Challenge?

Cybersecurity training is a challenge because, despite the Covid-19 pandemic and cyber-threats, many questions need to be addressed to meet the same.

  • Identification of the type of training
  • Briefing on the types of cyber-attacks and their symptoms
  • Employees who fall under the training criteria
  • To maintain employee engagement

And many more. Multiple factors need to be addressed to complete this challenge.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Cybersecurity awareness training means educating the employees about cyber threats, and to make this training successful, you need a well-defined action plan, sketched meticulously and implemented flawlessly.

Tips for An Effective Cyber Security Awareness Plan:

  • Check out your employee’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Defend your assets
  • Focus on risk factors
  • Engage your team with effective strategies

A successful security awareness training happens when each employee of the company automatically focuses on the security aspects in each move and decision of the company.

Cybersecurity statistics by IBM indicate that 95% of the breaches are caused by human error. This afterthought of giving awareness to employees is responsible for some of the worst data breaches of the decade.

Hence, organizations need to wake up and understand the importance of cybersecurity and meticulously plan employee awareness about the same at all levels.

Before moving to the precise reasons why cybersecurity awareness is important for employees, ensure that:

  • An Integrated Approach is Implemented
  • Continuous and Regular Training is Imparted
  • Employees at All Levels are Included in the Awareness Campaign
  • Reviewing and Monitoring is done at Regular Intervals
  • Automated Cyber Security Awareness is Implemented

Why Employees Need Cyber Security Training?

Let’s check out the major reasons why cyber security training for employees is important.

#1. Prevents Cyber Attacks:

Securing your sensitive information is a way beyond passwords. Being the 1st line of defense, your employees need to be educated about how to identify cyber-attacks and how to prevent the same.

The most apparent reason is to secure the weakest link by providing appropriate cybersecurity training and awareness to prepare for prevalent cybersecurity threats. If your employees have adequate knowledge of cyber threats, they can combat cyber-attacks and secure your business.

#2. Creates Awareness about the Use of HTTPS:

Have you ever heard why HTTPS (hyper-text transfer protocol secure) is safer than HTTP (hyper-text transfer protocol)?

The reason is the extra word “secure”, which is in the term HTTPS. Unfortunately, many employees are unaware of the dangers of accessing HTTP sites.

Ensure that your cybersecurity awareness campaign shows them:

  • How are HTTPS sites much safer to use than HTTP sites?
  • How SSL security keeps your website secure from cyber-attacks?
  • Why is SSL certificate installation crucial to combat cyber-attacks?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a digital certificate that uses the encryption method to secure data. In a nutshell, this certificate uses coded language (ciphertext) to hide the original text so that the same becomes unreadable. This keeps hackers away from such sites.

When an SSL certificate is installed on a website, it shows trust signs like HTTPS in the address bar and a padlock in the URL. Your staff should be aware of this and should be cautious while approaching HTTP sites.

Also, briefing about the types of SSL certificates available in markets like DV SSL, Wildcard SSL Certificate, EV SSL certificate, SAN SSL, and more. Every SSL Certificate has different functionality. You can choose any as per your site requirement.

#3. Creates a Risk Proof Work Environment:

A risk-proof digital environment is the dream of most business owners. The same can be achieved by imparting cybersecurity training to employees of all levels.

Example: Many employees are unaware of the risks of password sharing or keeping their systems open.

Many other security criteria and compliances need to be prioritized and followed, which is possible only when employees are aware of the security compliances and understand the importance of following and obeying them.

#4. Helps in Gaining Customer Trust:

Customers are aware of the dangers of cyber threats, and hence they are cautious regarding the same in case of any exchange of transactions.

Tell your employees to show your customers that you care about them by sharing with them the security measures taken by the organization for maintaining their data privacy.

Customer’s trust can be improved by highlighting your strong security protocols and assuring them of data privacy. Trust can also be maintained by showing them employee awareness regarding cybersecurity threats.

#5. Saves Finances:

A successful cyber-attack leads to:

  • Damage to business reputation
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Tragic Lawsuits
  • Disruption in business functions
  • Compromised data privacy

And much more damage to finances. When you compare the cybersecurity training awareness expenses vs the damage cost of a cyber breach, you will notice that the former is very budget-friendly and can save a massive catastrophe.

#6. Boosts Employee Confidence:

When employees are properly trained about cyber threats, their symptoms, and their solutions, they can more confidently face these issues and keep your business more secure.


Image Source

Apart from the above image, Statistics by Pensar indicate that:

  • A nominal investment in security investment reduces the risk of cyber-attack by 72%
  • An effective cybersecurity training program increases the ROI by 37 times.

#7. Reduces Stress:

Out of the many reasons employees face stress at their workplaces, one of them is the stress of a cyber threat or facing a cyber attack.

Research by Kaspersky Lab indicates that:

  • 69% of people are stressed on hearing news regarding data breaches
  • 73% are stressed about sharing their passwords
  • 72% are stressed regarding their device protection

It is only through awareness and training that this stress can be reduced, and employees feel a sense of empowerment. When your staff understands how to embrace the situation, they are stress-free, and they can implement the best solutions to secure the business data.

#8. Helps Implement Technology at its Best:

Technological shields like firewalls, anti-virus software, etc., are the best weapons in preventing cyber-attacks. But they too need personnel to operate on them and prevent the damages.

Firewalls need to be enabled, anti-virus software needs to be updated regularly, SSL certificates, if expired, must be re-issued, other security solutions like intrusion detection systems (IDS) need to be inserted, and adequate backups should be taken to prevent these cyber-attacks.

Employee awareness helps perform regular updates of software and systems, thus fixing security vulnerabilities and preventing cyber-attacks.

#9. Helps Improve Employee Well Being:

Protected people are a happy bunch, and the same reflects in productivity. So, it’s wisely said that security awareness training is not always about business safety but also employee safety (stress relievers) and better productivity.

#10. Helps in Setting Defence Goals:

Awareness of cybersecurity, well-defined cybersecurity policies, tips for recognizing cyber-attacks, and their preventive measures, all these goals should be defined by the organization.

This will help in successful defense roles played by each employee, thus making your weakest links your strongest barriers against cyber-attacks.

#11. Helps to Stay in Business:

Cyber-attack costs a fortune, and specifically, small businesses are out of business when they face one.

Apart from the financial damage, business reputation, client loss and lawsuits, and ultimately closure of business happens in a cyber-attack case.

Cybersecurity awareness training can prevent this massive damage and secure your business from being doomed. It is the best and most effective way to prevent the breach.

Investment in this training is as good as securing your business’s future and reputation.

Cyber Crime is Permanent:

Cybercrime is here to stay. It won’t vanish nor subside since the era of digitalization is on the rise. As long as the digital market prevails, hackers and cyber-attacks will not stop. On the contrary, they may increase and become more deadly.

Keeping your employees updated about the cyber-threats is the best solution to prevent such attacks.

Example: If your employees are aware of phishing emails, they can instantly identify one and delete it without clicking on the link or attachment.

This, apart from the prevention of breach, also empowers them to combat such situations.

Wrapping Up:

Your downfall can be prevented, and your assets can remain secured when cybersecurity awareness is prevalent amongst your entire staff.

Keep it an ongoing process rather than a one-time effort to win the cyber-battle against these digital criminals.

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