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Rising Dark Side of Cyber Crime – Oct 2015 Report

Internet threat, Cyber exploit, malware, and virus; are few names that have awakened the entire cyber world with their malicious intentions. Despite of spending millions of dollars, many giant organizations, and governments are still showing concern over rising levels of cyber crime. In this regard, Symantec has fetched data about internet threat named targeted attack, phishing, vulnerability, mobile malware, spam for the month of October 2015. Symantec authority focused on threat actions in over 157 countries and territories. With the help of diversified products and services and third party data sources, Symantec has provided modern analysis of cyber security threats and trends. What Symantec observed in its report is highlighted below.

  • The total number of vulnerabilities increased from 349 to 441 in a single month.
  • The variant of malware reduced from 57.6 million to 21.7 million malware.
  • There were 44k cases recorded in October month, which is showing a high-level compare to September month.
  • The spam email rate has also slightly increased by 53.5% compared to last six months. However, the month of June had a lowest spam rate.
  • Finance, Insurance, Real Estate were top sectors for targeted attacks, comprising 69% of all targeted attacks.
  • Out of total number of social media threats, there were 79% threats relates to manual sharing, 14% threats relates to Fake offering, 5% threats relates to Lifejacking.

The object of this Symantec Intelligence report is to help companies, governments, and individuals to secure the most vital data. Symantec wishes to make us aware by taking insight world of the malware and spam that could cause severe damage to businesses. All the data pulled from Symantec Global Intelligence Network that can record thousands of events per second. CheapSSLShop helps users to bind online information with Digicert SSL products that offers strong encryption available at affordable price.Check below Info-Graphic for deep insights of report.

Symantec Security Report Oct 2015


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