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Should I Really Need an SSL Certificate? Yes or No!

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When it comes to security, one of the topics discussed the most is “Do I really need an SSL certificate”. The answer can be a “Yes” or “No” depending upon the type of Internet services, you are dealing with or are providing.

Before we go in a deep discussion of “Whether I should buy an SSL certificate or not” let us see SSL certificate in brief.

SSL is a security protocol and cryptographic encryption system that secures the data from being eavesdropped. This technique embedded in a development of a digital certificate kind of thing, which known as SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates helps in securing the data traverse over the network by strong encryption method. Some SSL also confirms the legitimacy of your services or businesses, so that the end users or visitors trust your brand, eventually increasing your profit/popularity ratio.

Since years, SSL has gone through many improvements in terms of cryptography improvement. Now, the time has changed and so has the SSL, with 2048 bit encryption it is not only protecting the transmitted data but also servers, domains, documents, softwares, source codes as well as the mobile applications.

Who needs an SSL?

Some of the famous ITians of the world like Google, Yahoo mail, Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, American Bank, AT&T etc…are securing their online applications with SSL certificates. All these websites are legitimate and trusted; why? As a user whenever you use any website for online transaction, your personal and confidential information will travel back and forth (between your network and server). No one would wish to invite unwanted guests (online threats) while being on network.

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This is where SSL comes into picture. E-mails, payment gateways, shopping websites all can be the medium of posing their users to be the victims of man in middle attack. Personal information provided on these sites like contact numbers, residential address, bank account information, credit card numbers and so on ca be hijacked and can be used against the user or user’s system to exploit him/her.

Should I need an SSL for my business?

Websites which deals in retrieving and providing any kind of data to the users like: e-mail providers, online shopping websites, online banking websites, job portals, online retailing and trading websites, social networking sites, payment processors and any website that carries user’s information and stores in the database or have login forms and payment procedures must need SSL certificate.

While those websites, which does not, comes in any of the above categories and has no mobile information processed, does not require SSL certificate. For example your website is a just an informative blog or so will not need the SSL security. If you are accepting user’s details in login/Register form then you need to secure that single page only.

Also those websites which uses third-party payment processors like “PayPal” does not compulsorily needs to have an “https” (SSL certificate). However, it is found that more than 50% of people do not trust an unsecured website. For safety concerns, they prefer to buy from those websites which protected by (SSL) “https”.

Still, if you find any query and need assistance in selecting SSL certificate product. Do contact our SSL support team. They are very friendly and will assist you to solve your query.

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