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The Cost of Infection is on High Peak – Credit Goes to Cybercrime

We learned about types of different hacking techniques in the first series of Cyber criminal survival guide. It is worth thinking that how badly cybercriminals have influenced our digital life.

In this survival guide, we will continue our journey to disclose the cost of infection caused by cyber-attacks and malware functionality.

The Cyber Crime Survival Guide Part 2:

Currently, attackers are targeting legit websites on which users put trust. They hack such websites and steal the data of innocent users. Such cyber-attacks could influence organizations a great amount. The below video can give you a precise view of the damage caused to organizations.

How badly cyber attack can ruin organizations’ prestige?

  • Customers may not come back to the site means organizations will lose customers’ trust.
  • Customers may also suffer due to redirection to a fake website where they can lose their data and money.
  • Organizations will have a bad impact on their goodwill in the market.
  • Many search engines will block such sites and blacklist hacked sites as Google blocks nearly 10K sites on a daily basis.
  • Four out of ten people have fallen victim to cybercrime.

Once cybercriminals gain access to websites, they may use the website data to make money. In many cases, customers and website owners really do not know a few times they have been hacked.

The Damage Figures are shocking:

Ecommerce companies are bearing €83 cost every year, which seems an annual tax levied on these companies. Even the average cost per victim reached €220 and every day more than 1 million people fall victim to cybercrime.

What does Norton Report say?

The Norton has published a report earlier, which brought some facts for consideration like

  • Men have a higher ratio of falling victim to cybercrime.
  • Smartphone and unsecured Wi-Fi seems more at risk.
  • Hackers never differentiate between famous brands and anonymous companies; their motive is only money.
  • Parents whose children age is between 8 to 17 years seem more vulnerable.

How Malware Works?

Hackers can exploit security glitches and weaknesses in software so it is wise to update them regularly once the update is available. Once the outdated software is victimized, hackers can control such a system, change the content, and install viruses to access the confidential information of users.

Cybercriminals take the help of software vulnerabilities, toolkits, or any commercial software to gain control of the system. Therefore, it is better to update your system than leave it vulnerable which could welcome attackers.

What is Next?

In our third part, we will discover defense techniques against cybercrime that can secure you over the web.

Why legitimate websites are lacking in defense and what methods hackers can use to steal your information, will be covered so please be with us for the next edition.

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