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The Psychology of Trust: No Sale! If there is no Security

Psychology of Trust

Online security is an inevitable aspect of any business and it is true that when you take care of customers’ security, customers will take care of your business. Still, many businesses ignore security standards and in long run suffer a loss because of a lack of credibility and authenticity.

To offer reliability and security to online businesses, SSL seems a boon and growing security at the current time. SSL not only secures the data between the server and the browser but also establishes the dependability of a website to provide assurance to online shoppers.

Symantec has researched customers’ perception of the online industry and security and suggested a few points that can enhance website trustworthiness.

Before going ahead, there are a few facts that reveal customers’ perceptions about online shopping, security awareness, and least trusted industries among customers.

Least Trusted Businesses:

There are industries in which customers put less trust like:

  • 66% of insurance companies
  • 60% supermarkets
  • 64% retailers and
  • 35% banks

Around 20% of customers have fear of payment theft while 19% of customers have fear of identity theft and 4% of customers have a fear that online companies will not deliver ordered products.

Awareness about online security:

People usually shop online but they have little awareness or ignore security issues while shopping online. It is a serious issue for both customers’ privacy as well the website’s reliability.

Only 43% of customers perceive online security while the rest 57% of customers do not care for online security when they visit a website or surf the internet.

There are 2% of customers who do not know about online security while 3% of customers believe that security is not applicable for the website.

Security Icons Plays Role:

When customers browse websites they will either face security padlocks offered from legitimate certificate authorities or security warnings generally displayed in the absence of proper security.

Customers get satisfied when they observe a security padlock on online websites and would like to buy from that website. Around 79% of customers will have higher confidence if they see a padlock in the website address bar.

In case of security warnings, 80% of customers will leave the website when they see a security warning on their browsers. Security warnings may arise due to technical security aspects like expiry of SSL certificate, self-signed certificate, mix content errors.

Symantec Consideration to make Website Reliable:

After going through the above facts about customers’ awareness of security and their preference for different industries, there are a few points for the online business side that can bring credibility and dependency. As a result, overall customer interaction, conversion rate, and business ROI will be at a high peak.

Press Coverage: It is necessary to put notable press coverage on your website as it attracts visitors and provides the latest trends and news published in top newspapers or media channels.

Display Awards: It is good to show off if your business had won an award or performance certificate, prize, as it will boost the impression of your business in the customer’s minds.

Avoid Stock Photography: Many websites use stock photography but it is not always beneficial when it is a question of increasing the reliability of your website. Instead of stock photography, put images of real people or the infrastructure of your organization.

Use Videos: There may be situations when a short video explaining product process, upcoming product, or Shows Company’s biography can explain easily to customers about current and upcoming products and feel them personal on your website.

Use the same color scheme: It is sensible for web designers and developers to use a constant color scheme in different parts (copy, links, breadcrumb, buttons, etc.) of a website so customers can feel the website in a user-friendly manner.

Simple access & Contact: While designing a website, the contact and support aspect should be considered and there should be multiple sources for customer support with a simple interface.

Online Reviews: Many online shoppers go through user reviews to check the authenticity of a company or product. It is believed that around 92% of customers put trust in online reviews. What your customers are saying about your company is more important and for that, your website should have a testimonial page so a visitor can check and get assurance about the product and company as well.

Case Studies: You should put a customer success story or customer experience about your website in either text or video format that will attract and provide confidence to other readers and shoppers.

Privacy Policy: Online shopping shares tones of customers’ confidential information and besides having security, you should publish/display a privacy policy on your website stating that customers’ information is safe over the website.

Track Delivery: Your website should have easy product tracking as well as a clearly stated refund policy that will create transparency between you and your customers. Display about refund or non-refund policy for every product and service.

Use Trust Seal: There should be a trusted sign-on checkout page through which customers can get assurance about making payment to your website. Hence, put the trusted seal on the eCommerce website’s checkout process like Norton Secured Seal, Comodo seal; which will show the website is legitimate and is safe to deal with.

Use SSL Certificate: Above all, if you have an eCommerce website, then SSL certificate should be there on the website as it secures the data in transition and avoids third-party interception. SSL certificate can also help your website in search engine ranking boost.

Check below info-graphic which will help you to understand easily:

The Psychology of trust on websites


In the modern age, cyber culprits are always in search of blogs, software, or website to carry out their malicious intention. Once the site is infected, it will have a bad impression among customers as well in search engines.

To provide a smooth and secure experience to your customers, your website should have the above security measures. In the end, there are chances of higher business sales and website reliability when you try to push up your website security level.

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