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Things to Consider Before you Buy Wildcard SSL Certificate

Buy Wildcard SSL Certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificate can provide equal protection to your subdomains along with your primary domain through a simple certificate reissue. 

Wildcard certificates come with both domains and organizational validation, which can protect both www and non-www domains simultaneously. 

Companies opt for it because of its reliability and flexibility. You can have infinite subdomains with just one wildcard certificate protecting them all. 

But who should buy wildcard certificates? Many talks are going around this as the internet portrays it as the most feasible option.

Well, let’s look at the answer. 

Should I Buy a Wildcard Certificate? 

Although even single website users can buy wildcard certificates if they plan to launch subdomains in future. 

Wildcard certificates are a good option for medium and large firms that are using subdomains. 

If you are a medium or a large enterprise, Wildcard SSL won’t take a toll on your pocket because of its complete protection to your subdomains. 

In other words, established businesses can derive the maximum output from Wildcard certificates. 

Benefits of buying a Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • Security for unlimited subdomains 

If you are a large enterprise with multiple subdomains like or, you need a separate SSL certificate. 

But if you have a wildcard SSL by your side, you do not have to spend on subdomains separately. 

All your subdomains will get protected through one source. Do not worry about security efficiency because the Wildcard certificate’s security does not differ from the primary domain protection to subdomain protection. 

Every subdomain will be as efficiently protected as a primary domain. 

  • Easy management

Wildcard certificates are easy to manage as opposed to multiple regular SSL certificates that require management separately. 

Even if you have a public key interface or PKI, managing multiple subdomains at a single time is not an easy task. 

If you are a large organization, you would need to dedicate special days to fix your certificate reissues. 

But, with a Wildcard certificate, you do not have to reissue every certificate separately; whatever you do with your wildcard certificate in the primary domain gets applied to all subdomains automatically. 

  • Cost-effective

To some, it may be debatable as to how a wildcard SSL is cost-effective than a regular certificate when you pay less for a regular certificate and more for a wildcard one. 

But Wildcard certificates are not meant to use single website owners who do not wish to enhance their reach. 

Wildcards are used for organizations that already have multiple subdomains. If you look from an organization’s perspective that manages multiple subdomains.

Thus, for a large firm, it is highly cost-effective and reliable. 

Things to consider while buying a Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • Choose authentic certificate providers 

Although Wildcard certificates are considered safe, that does not mean that they are not susceptible to breaches and hacks. 

When you have a single wildcard SSL managing all your subdomain security, hackers only have to breach through one subdomain or primary domain, and all other domains will be vulnerable to theft. 

Thus, it is always recommended that you must choose authentic yet cheap wildcard SSL providers like CheapSSLShop who have the best and most secure certificates at their disposal.

Avoid buying from random websites that make false claims. 

  • Check for the certificate’s compatibility

Some devices such as Windows phones do not recognize “*” features in the URL, and they fail to open and support websites with a wildcard SSL installed. 

Although some certificate providers do provide alternative certificate names that solve compatibility, there are many certificates out there that trouble windows phone users. 

The best way to deal with that is to check for the certificate’s compatibility in advance. If your potential users cannot access your company website from their devices, it will harm your overall brand image. 

  • Customer care service is essential

Since a wildcard SSL is responsible for the security of all your subdomains, even a slight issue (if not attended) might turn into catastrophic consequences for your business. 

Customer support is of extreme significance here as it will ensure that all your queries are attended to by expert professionals. 

Although all cheap wildcard SSL providers have customer support options through the mail, phone, or chatbot, you need to ensure which option to choose when facing an issue. 

Call them in advance to get an idea of how things will pan out when a problem arises. 

  • Know the authenticity of your certificate authority

Certificate Authority or CA is the body that determines whether your wildcard certificate is authentic or not. 

But, first of all, you need to check whether the CA that is issuing you the certificate is authentic in itself or not. 

Check that the CA is a recognized one. If many people have already used it and are still using it, then it must be a genuine issuing body, and you can bank your trust upon them. 

But if your CA is not recognized by many, you could get in trouble regarding security. 

To Conclude

A wildcard SSL is your best bet if you are a large or medium firm but that does not mean that these certificates do not face security issues. 

The best way to cope with that is by ensuring that you choose an authentic service provider who can take care of your security issues. 

If you are looking for an authentic wildcard certificate provider, then do visit CheapSSLShop

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