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Things to know about Wildcard SSL Certificate

Believe it or not! Wildcard SSL Certificate seems the backbone of website security; an extra “asterisk” binds your website with robust security.

There are a series of SSL certificate types designed for different business purposes, starting from domain SSL to Code signing certificate and Extended Validation SSL. However, every customer seeks better quality at a cheap price, the same thing happens for the SSL certificate.

Therefore, if you are thinking about moving your site to wildcard SSL – a less pricey option to secure your website, then info-graphic underneath will help you a lot.

What is a Wildcard SSL?

A wildcard SSL is a public key certificate that works with multiple subdomains so a single SSL opted for a primary domain (* can secure unlimited sub-domains like


A cost-saving Factor:

Wildcard certificate enables businesses to save additional costs that many businesses spend on buying individual SSL. If you go for another certificate (except SAN certificate), you will generally have to buy an additional SSL certificate for an additional subdomain, whereas wildcard gets you rid of spending extra money on single certificates.

Superior Advantages:

When you go for wildcard SSL, you will have numerous advantages like

  • Being a cost-saving certificate you do not have to worry about your subdomains.
  • With wildcard, you can manage a single certificate efficiently that will free you from certificate lapse.
  • Purchasing an SSL will also help your website ranking, as Google prefers HTTPS as a ranking booster.

Few Amazing Lineaments:

With a wildcard certificate, you will not only save cost but also, get amazing features that surely entice you to go with this certificate.

Once you purchase a wildcard SSL, you will get-

  • A 2048-bit RSA public key encryption is a highly recommended modern security standard by the NIST.
  • A 256-bit AES encryption creates a robust security layer for online information and transactions.
  • Unlimited server licenses enable a business owner to install SSL on the choice of servers (available with GeoTrust and RapidSSL products).
  • 99.9% browser recognition: you will never have to face browser warnings on your screen and offer a smooth browsing experience.
  • Rapid issuance and installation get you rid of complex paperwork and tedious installation process. The whole issuance process bestows automated validation. You can install a wildcard on Apache, Microsoft IIS, NGINX, Tomcat, and other servers.

Where to Buy Cheap Wildcard SSL?

Do not worry! CheapSSLShop is a global SSL provider of major certificate authorities (who issue SSL certificates) including Comodo, DigiCert, Thawte, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, and GlobalSign. You can get your desired wildcard SSL at an unbelievable price.

So let’s reveal an awesome journey of Five weapons-grade W’s of Wildcard SSL.

Five W's of wildcard ssl certificate

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