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Use Extended Validation SSL to Improve Customer Confidence

ev ssl certificate increase customer trust

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate offers the highest level of validation and imparts trust to a website’s presence.

As online business and access to the internet grows day-to-day, customer trust is essential in today’s online world when eCommerce is expanding its skyline and thousands of customers across the world are connecting with online shopping. In that case, customer security should be the first preference for any online business as it would be beneficial in case of customer conversion and business growth.

On the other side, cybercriminals have become adept at tricking customers by visualizing customers that they are visiting a legitimate website. Nevertheless, these sites are gimmicks that take away customers’ money and steal login information. Customers need to check that their personal information is secure and safe from malevolent activity.

On other hand, enterprises have to mull over their website safety as customers may leave the site if they do not find proper security over your website.

How Company suffers due to an insecure website?

If the website has no safety for customers’ financial or personal information, they would abandon the shopping cart.

  • The growth of the business, sales, and profit ratio would suffer.
  • The brand of a company will also suffer.
  • Due to a lack of authenticity, customers would never visit your website once they leave.
  • Attackers may grab login and payment information and misuse it.

SSL is Inevitable:

To avoid unwanted circumstances, enterprises should focus on customers’ trust and website authenticity and both can be achieved with an SSL certificate. Yes, SSL is an ideal solution in establishing the trust and confidence of customers in your website. SSL encrypts online information and saves it from prying eyes.

As there are different types of SSL Certificates available but if you are running an online business, then an Extended Validation certificate will be the best security for your customers and your website.

What is an EV SSL certificate?

EV SSL certificate follows a detailed verification process by complying with industry standards and guidelines. This process includes:

  • Confirming the right of the certificate applicant to use a domain.
  • Confirmation of the physical existence and legal status of the organization.
  • Compare the official records to prove the identity of the entity.
  • Call the requester at the verified phone number to confirm that the required person is authorized to receive the certificate that reduces the chances of phishing activities.

Users get the most secure possible browsing experience with Extended Validation SSL. To show sign of an EV certificate on a website, browsers show specific visual indications:

  • Green address bar
  • Company name and padlock in the address bar
  • https:// instead of http:// in address bar
  • Company information in the certificate details

Who should use EV SSL?

EV SSL is fit for any website that needs identity reassurance, customer trust, and strong security. Banks, financial institutions, big brands have a high risk of phishing attacks and carry a number of transactions every day. Hence, EV SSL is ideal for such public-facing websites.

Besides, a website that collects data, login information, online payment, should also go with an EV SSL certificate.

If we revolve about Netcraft’s earlier report on the use of EV SSL certificates then there were 38,966 valid EV SSL were in effect till April 2011. We can see from the below graph that users in the EV category are growing and we can expect a high number in near future.

Growth in EV SSL Obtaining

There were 1000 busiest websites that use SSL certificates and among them, one-third of those websites use EV SSL certificates. There were two-third of those websites use domain validation and organization validation certificate. In the top million sites, the use of a business validation certificate was on peak.

SSL certificate share by Validation type

Who issues the EV SSL certificate?

Extended Validation (EV) bears the highest authentication hence, is popular among big and small enterprises. There are many certificate authorities (CAs) that can issue EV SSL and some of them are Digicert, Comodo, Thawte, GeoTrust, GlobalSign. When your website has the highest security offered by such legitimate certificate authorities, then the credibility of your website will touch the sky.

Which Brands use EV SSL?

There are many well-known companies using EV SSL on their website for additional confidence and strong security. A few of them are eBay, PayPal, Credit Karma, Canada drugs, HSBC bank, etc. All these and many more companies, banks, and financial institutions have chosen EV SSL for customer security and to enhance trustworthiness.

How EV SSL helps to boost customer Trust?

To boost customers’ confidence over online shopping or payment-related website, Extended Validation (EV) plays an important role in assuring customers. EV certificate bears the highest validation in SSL category certificates and follows specific standards also named EV guidelines; it requires legal and authenticated business documents along with listed business information in government records. The website owner has to assure customers that the website they are visiting is safe and their transactions will remain protected over the website.

Extended Validation – A Green bar Effect:

Besides, the EV certificate turns the address bar into a green bar that shows proof of authenticity. It pushes customers a bit to complete their online transactions on the website. Thus, customers easily guess about website reliability. Even a single click on the green bar will reveal the information about the certificate like certificate validity, signature algorithm, CA name, and organization name.

What does Research say?

Aberdeen Group has researched 167 respondents about the usage of EV SSL certificates and the impact of EV SSL certificates. The fact revealed by the group was amazing:

  • There was around an 11% increase in form completion ratio on the debt consolidation site.
  • One of the retail footwear sites showed a 13% decrease in abandoned shopping carts.
  • One of the Home mortgage sites recorded a 10% increase in online enrollments.

The organizations that use EV SSL certificates are likely more aggressive in terms of performance compare to lagging performance websites.

Current use of EV SSL maturity class

Another report says, use of the EV SSL Certificates significantly raised for consumer sites in 2016 compared to 2015. Such hike is notable and other industries should also focus on Extended Validation.

Site server security report 2016

Advantages of EV Certificate:

The EV SSL Certificate is a true sign of website authentication, assures that site is completely secure and reliable. Having an Extended Validation certificate on your website bestows many advantages like

  • Lessen abandoned shopping carts,
  • Increase conversion rates and repeat business,
  • Fulfill the need for regulatory standards invalidation,
  • Protect customers from a phishing attack,
  • Provides the highest validation over the web,
  • Boost customer trust in an easy and visual way and increase credibility,
  • Secure online transactions with confidence.

Why buy EV SSL from CheapSSLShop?

CheapSSLShop is a global SSL provider that has fulfilled the need of online security for many small and large organizations and is striving to secure businesses with affordable SSL certificates.

It is believed that EV SSL bears the highest authenticity, therefore; EV requester has to pay a little bit more compared to another type of SSL certificate.

However, you do not have to worry about the high prices prevailing in the current SSL industry because we bring a huge discount on EV SSL certificates along with superior customer support.

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