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Use SSL Certificates to Meet Chrome 56 Security Criteria

use ssl to meet chrome 56 security

Security is the first thing everyone puts at the top priority where privacy matters. When it comes to the web, the security of users’ personal data is very essential aspect that a site owner must look into.

High security with HTTPS tags validates the privacy of users’ personal data like credit cards and passwords. For you as a website owner, it becomes the most significant aspect to get your website SSL certified that confirms your site’s credibility for users.

This not only makes you able to earn high credibility and trust from users but also makes them stay at your website for further deals. Thus if you are selling any products or services at your site via credit cards, it is of utmost necessity to have Cheap SSL certificates for your website that will make your site valid and secure for safe browsing.

SSL Certificate is a set of small data files that are digitally bound via a cryptographic key to a website’s details.

When an SSL certificate is installed on a web server, it activates HTTPS protocol and the padlock, and it permits secure connections from a web server to a browser. Using SSL certificates at your website means making it completely safe for users in terms of their personal data like credit cards and passwords.

Chrome 56 plans to mark HTTP sites as ‘Not Secure’ in 2017

Google Chrome is recently going to take a big step to help users browse the websites safely. Google Chrome usually points to the connection security with a warning icon in the address bar.

Previously, Chrome does not overtly label all HTTP connections as ‘Non-Secure’. But according to Emily Schechter, a team member of the Chrome security team, with some innovative changes in its security warning policy, Google Chrome 56 will explicitly mark some HTTP pages collecting credit cards or passwords as “Non-Secure”.

The warning process will come into force from January-2017. It would be a long-term plan to mark all HTTP websites as Non-Secure”. As per Chrome’s new security policies, the user will clearly know which site is secure for amount transactions and which one is not secure.

Where users have higher expectations of privacy, they would like to go for only the sites that are SSL certified. That is why it has become of utmost necessity to make your website completely safe for browsing.

Google Chrome presently indicates HTTP connections with a neutral indicator that doesn’t mirror the right lack of security for HTTP connections. Records reveal that users do not recognize the lack of a “Secure” icon as a security warning; they frequently become blind to such warnings.

That is why Chrome 56 plans to label HTTP sites more evidently and precisely as “non-secure”. It will come to pass in gradual steps, based on increasingly rigorous criteria. Starting from January 2017, Chrome 56 will label all HTTP pages with password or credit card form fields as “not secure,”

In the following releases, Google Chrome will continue to extend HTTP warnings. Ultimately, Chrome plans to label all HTTP pages as non-secure, and it also plans to change the HTTP security indicator to a more apparent red triangle that it uses for broken HTTPS.

As per the proposed criteria, any one of the three symbols will appear in Chrome’s URL bar: For secure HTTPS sites, a green lock will appear. For insecure HTTP sites, a gray “i” will appear. And for invalid HTTPS sites, a red triangle for not secure will appear.

How To Remove “NOT SECURE” warning for your Website in Google Chrome 56?

If you want to avoid the ‘Not Secure’ warning for your website in the Chrome 56 browser then the SSL certificate should be installed properly on the webserver that will allow you to migrate your website to HTTPS from HTTP and will enable the ‘Secure’ label in the prefix of website URL. You can browse our SSL certificates installation tutorials for different web servers.

You can come to us for your SSL requirements, Cheap SSL Shop is one of the top SSL certificate providers. A considerable number of web traffic has been transitioned to HTTPS from HTTP so far, and the usage of HTTPS is consistently increasing.

You can browse SSL Certificates to make your website secure for your users, now the time has come. Take care of it before a large number of your customers move to someones’ SSL certificates secured website.

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