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How to Fix Mixed Content Warning on The Website

Mixed content warning means that there are both secured and unsecured(HTTP) elements being served up on a page that should be completely encrypted.

Did you migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS and still Do you receive the “Mixed content warning” in your web browser? then this article is perfect for you. Let’s have a look at the solution.

mixed content warning

What is a Mixed Content Warning?

The mixed Content issue is one of the most common SSL errors in the website. Mixed contents literally mean that your website is HTTPS but some of the contents (generally scripts and images) are non-HTTPS. Such type of error is not good for the health of your website as they may entertain displaying a security warning on your user’s browser such as:

mixed content IEmixed content ie

How to find and fix the mixed content issues on HTTPS websites?

  • Mixed content is found on HTTPS sites where some scripts, images, video, content, spreadsheets are still running on HTTP instead of HTTPS. It shows that the content is still unsafe as it loads over HTTP. A question may arise in your mind about how to find a mixed content issue on secure sites. Below are a few steps which help to find a mixed content error.
  • Website visit: You should visit the website to check whether insecure content is loading over HTTPS. You can check the chrome browser to find the error. You can follow steps in chrome to find insecure content:

Right-click on webpage >> Inspect Element>> select ‘Console’ tab.

  • If the mixed content issue is vulnerable or severe, it shows strings in RED color; else, it will show yellow background with strings. You need to take steps in case of RED strings on priority. Moreover, chrome will display mixed content errors on a single webpage. If you wish to remove mixed content then, you need to check all web pages of a website.
  • Verify the site’s URL: Instead of checking each webpage, you should first look at the URL of a website. If the website’s main page or any subpage is still loading on HTTP instead of HTTPS though you have an SSL certificate installed on the website, it is a mixed content sign. It would help if you organized such web pages; it will help fix all these web pages.
  • Compare pages: If the website is loading over both HTTP and HTTPS using the same URL, it means chrome has not blocked any content. On the contrary, if you see any warning or the content is not loading on the HTTP URL, you should get rid of resources and host the resource directly on the website.
  • URL changing: As explained in the above case, if the site is loading over both HTTP and HTTPS URLs, you should redirect HTTP to HTTPS URL, deploy the updated source file. After that, check mixed content on a webpage and make sure the error is fixed now. Now, the URL should be run on an HTTPS connection.
  • Plug-ins: You can take the help of a WordPress plug-in like Really Simple SSL that can scan for these errors. The plug-in checks HTTP URLs in bulk and can replace them. Only you need FTP access for script uploading. You need to rename the script root folder, backup your site, and data, delete the script after use.

Why the Mixed Content issue is Bad?

To learn more about the outcomes of “Mixed Content Warning“, we recommend reviewing this amazing video by TroyHunt.

Ways to Prevent Mixed Content issue on Your HTTPS Site

It requires the attention of an IT staff if the website has an SSL certificate still, a few pages are loading over HTTP instead of a secured connection. It is quite necessary for such a situation to prevent it by taking additional steps.

  • Always on HTTPS: Make sure all webpages should load over HTTPS instead of HTTP. If the website has an SSL certificate and some of the pages are still running on HTTP- insecure connection then, you need to contact the SSL provider and fix this issue.
  • Content Security Policy Report: You can embed code to the website’s HTTP response header that will fetch automatic reports of any insecure URL/ mixed content. This report will be sent to ‘’ when a visitor lands on a webpage showing mixed content error.

The report includes the webpage URL and subresource that contravened the content policy. You can find the code to be placed in the HTTP response header here. With the configuration of the report, you can keep tracking mixed content activity on your website without visiting every page.

  • Upgrade Insecure Requests: You can use a tool that finds mixed content errors on a secured website and requests to upgrade all HTTP URLs before any request is made. To do so, you need to add code to HTML <head> section.

<meta http-equiv=”Content-Security-Policy” content=”upgrade-insecure-requests”>

The URL will be secured without any mixed content error before visitors access the webpage. The resource must be loaded on HTTPS then only this tool can identify insecure sources.

  • Use Online Tool: Many online web crawler services can be a great help like Why No Padlock, Mixed Content Scan, HTTPS Checker, JitBit scanner. These tools help to find insecure URLs of your website, domain scanning, HTTPS migration. For example, the JitBit scanner scans the whole website and finds insecure images, CSS files, scripts that can cause a mixed content warning.

SSL is the best innovation that guarantees the sound security of your customer’s confidential information. Common mistakes like installation fault, failing to renew the SSL certificate, and the mixed contents may place your website at risk and hence it must be avoided. Be a little more concerned and ultimately earn more.

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